140 Personalities – Weeknote #37 – 22nd November 2019


Ten years ago this week I was for it’s 140conf organized by Jeff Pulver in the O2 at Greenwich. Why was it the #140conf, well of course back then the Twitter was confined to 140 characters, much today we have. This was the summit at which Stephen Fry was crowned the King of all Twitter. This was the week that a million followers were handed by Stephen Fry on Twitter. He has almost followers, Now.

I had been on a panel session with Shirley Williams (@shirleyearley), Dave White (@daveowhite), Drew Buddie (@DigitalMaverick), and Professor Sue Black (@Dr_Black) where we discussed schooling and the Twitter.
From what I remember the conversation went down well.

RT @BrainPOP_UK: #140conf Edu panel nonetheless to group best. Stirring up it, @digitalmaverick talking sense. A Great Deal of Qs 4 1st time day
— Professor Sue Black OBE Keynote Speaker (@Dr_Black) November 17, 2009

From what I remember I wouldn’t last long until we moved onto the next huge thing in networking and did attempt to stir things up a bit, mainly putting across that Twitter was just a passing craze. Just shows how much I know… I really did not believe ten years ago that today I’d still be doing the TwitterI had been fairly sure that the Twitter will be defunct and long forgotten. In that same time frame we’ve seen solutions such as haiku, Google Wave, Google Buzz, and Google+ all come and go.
[embedded material that is]
So will be around in 2029, that knows.
This tweet from the time also made me smile

RT @MarkJones: interesting that the scars on end panel can not help themselves or reacting
— James Clay (@jamesclay) November 17, 2009

These were the times when you needed to RT by typing out the tweet along with RT, none today.

Looking back over my tweets I find that I was impressed with all the place, but thought it was a great conference with people that are good.

A week without traveling gave me an opportunity to undertake and some development, some writing and some study. I also represented on the Advance HE PVC Network I attended and what this could mean to Jisc and opportunities and challenges.
I spent developing examples of assessment evidence, in addition to a lot of time working on the Technical Career Pathway building assessment criteria and additional pathways.
Tweet reminded me that there are lots of people out there who believe there is so much more which ought to be taught in colleges.

? What to do with tough emotions
? How to think about death & grief
? Quality sex & consent to
? Politics & powered
? CPR & first aid
? Unconscious bias basics
? Basic hygiene & cooking skills
? How to decrease carbon footprint
What else?
— TheLuckyHeron? (@LuckyHeronSay) November 17, 2019

An easier question may be, what things shouldn’t be taught in schools? It is not that these things are not significant, they are, but is school the right place to do this?
I had been reminded of the list of things others and the media stated must be taught in colleges. The list was complied by Children and Teachers for Excellence, which is a team promoting higher standards of education. There were two hundred proposals in 2018 amounts to hundreds of hours on time. It included 68 proposals about health, 24 suggestions about Finance and 22 suggestions about technology.
They don’t believe why the school ought to be the context for addressing the issue when folks suggest things which needs to be taught in colleges. They believe there is plenty of free time at school, which has to be filled, though the present curriculum is full. So what should we stop to fill the timetable with these other things teaching. Additionally do colleges have staff or the resources to make these things happen.
There’s already a list for 2019.
About the way that it’s not found this article interesting.
Being happy at school, are key factors in encouraging kids to go on to college, in addition to having a desk to work at, good rates and high expectations from parents, a study suggests.
And they say this suggests schemes to raise aspirations ought to be targeted in an individual as opposed to school level.

So organized travel and resorts, which take, I have a busy couple of weeks beforehand.
My tweet this week was that one.

On this day I had been for the 140conf organized by and @Dr_Black where we discussed the Twitter and schooling in the O2 at Greenwich. pic.twitter.com/AkQyyvfgAs
— James Clay (@jamesclay) November 17, 2019


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