2020 Training & E-Learning Conferences


Make networking and professional education one of your 2020 goals.
The new year’s first days are times when a lot people take a pause begin planning our goals and to look ahead. For professionals in the learning sector (which includes entrepreneurs, teachers, school, academic administrators, librarians, as well as the net developers working with these professionals), attending a business conference or expo is a common objective.
I’d like to believe that e-learning conventions are popular because those people from the education sector are naturally drawn toward teaching ourselves, and business events are a terrific way. For entrepreneurs, this is an opportunity to learn some business ideas, meet to network with peers, and the providers of business engineering.
There are lots of fantastic reasons to attend an e-learning or training conference, and the fantastic thing is that the sheer volume of events available means there is very likely to be one close to you for any month of the year. To make it easier for you to find just the right fit, we’ve pulled together a roundup of some of the most important and finest for 2020. Take a look and see whether you can attend!
2020 Training & E-Learning Conferences in North America
February 4–6, Saratoga Springs, NY: Learning & Curation Lab
Hosted by Elliott Masie, one of the e-learning industry’s most recognized titles, this laboratory delves into how to use duration more effectively in online education to produce a personalized learning experience.
February 5–7-TechKnowledge Conference
These conventions covers all subjects at the intersection of technology and learning. Perfect for anyone who wishes to know how to use technology in workforce training.
February 9–2020, 12, Charleston, SC 2020 Annual eLearning Conference
The Instructional Technology Council (ITC) offers this conference every year as a chance for teachers to learn more about emerging and current e-learning technology.

This occasion is one of the greatest of the year for professionals in the training market.

This conference/expo duo unites E-Learning and Instructional Design with an exploration of newer technologies, like AR and VR.

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) is hosting its yearly conference in Chicago this past year. Discover the education market is transforming learning and being transformed by emerging technologies.
May 17–20, Denver, CO: ADT2020
As a global conference focusing on talent development, this is a fantastic choice both for companies investing in worker training, and employees hoping to grow leadership skills.

Collaborate with higher education designers and both corporate to create experiences that are better for online education and training.

Try this learning occasion on for size. Focusing on building effective leaders and improving organizational learning, it is a great occasion for meeting and learning from peers.

Billed as “where WordPress matches Higher Education,” this conference offers three days of sessions, networking, and social events tailored to faculty, employees, students, and professionals working in Higher Ed.

This year’s conference date has been announced by the 2019 occasion, although the 2020 page isn’t up yet. Hosted by Training magazine, this conference is intended for learning professionals considering the most recent e-learning technology.

Are you a developer in the market? This one is for you. Even though the event page to the 2020 conference isn’t up yet, the 2019 page has announced the date and location for this year.
October 27–29, St. Louis, MO: WordCamp US
For almost any professional working with WordPress, WordCamps are some of the events of the year. They offer you the chance to network with other professionals, learn how to build sites and leverage content effectively, and match with plugin programmers and other gifted members of their community. Look at making this year your first, if you’ve never attended. Passes are also an alternative.

A nation-wide conference for education professionals, programmers, librarians, and instructional designers interested in implementing new technologies to help online learning.

Whereas the OLC Innovate conference concentrates on emerging changes, Accelerate places he emphasis on peer-to-peer sharing. Network with business researchers and professionals, and share your own experience also.
2020 Training & E-Learning Conferences in Europe
February 12–12, London, UK: Learning Technologies
Having a focus on learning, this is an occasion for businesses planning to spend in training.
May 15, 2020, London, UK: World of Learning Summit
A conference and expo focusing on advancement and learning. This conference promises a conference with networking opportunities and the opportunity to meet with L&D providers.
June 4–6, 2020, Porto, Portugal: WordCamp Europe
Keen on attending a WordCamp but not ready to fly across an ocean? Over the last couple of years, WordCamp Europe has risen to equal the US occasion. With tens of thousands of attendees, heaps of demonstrations, and providers from all over the planet, it is an opportunity to learn more about WordPress and operating a site. Passes are also an alternative.
October 13–14, 2020, Birmingham World of Learning Summit
If you loved it so much you need to go twice, or if you missed the London event in May, you’re in luck
Recurring Events that are E-Learning for 2020
While many conventions are held in large convention halls annually, other organizations arrange smaller events on a monthly basis so they can attain more local audiences or even provide more elastic event dates for those with busy schedules.
The eLearning Guild (online)
This is a great chance without needing to travel anywhere to learn about a variety of subjects that are e-learning.
These conferences are offered and concentrate on knowledge sharing. If you are more interested in a hands-on approach to learning look to these.
OLC Collaborate
You are in luck, if you can not make it to either of the annual conventions of OLC. About once a quarter, OLC offers events across the nation with learning professionals to connect. While the only event is for February 7th from Corvallis, OR, you can keep a watch out for their event page to find out if any will come away.
Word Camp
Can not make it to a few of the major events that are WordCamp but still need to attend these events? You are in luck. WordCamps are arranged events pulled from WordPress with support to assist professionals to collaborate and connect. All these are hosted throughout the year in various locations around the planet, so odds are high you’ll be able to find one nearby.
We expect to see you at a conference in 2020!
We like to practice what we preach, which is why we make it a point to attend some other conventions, in addition to WordCamp US every year. We’re always happy for an opportunity to demo our plug in and answer questions.


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