Effective Blended Learning Strategies Using Digital Formats


Learning provides power to the expertise of studying by reaping the benefits of classroom instruction in addition to the nature of instruction. This learning approach is a mix of at least one of the following electronic learning formats and classroom training programs.
What: PDF documents, eBooks, How-To Guides
How: ILT-based new-hire training programs may be followed by providing students a guide on employee benefits or a URL to an online PDF document or abandon coverage
What: Videos, Podcasts
How: In a program training course, every step supplied to the workers as support and can be drawn up into bite-sized videos.

How: games and Online puzzles could be sent to the workers for periodic reinforcement of knowledge.
What: Case Studies, Simulations, Interactive Assessments
How: Safety training programs supplied where case studies could be discussed, ILT sessions can follow online.


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