Another company only acquired my LMS vendor! Now what?!


Another company just acquired my LMS vendor! Now what?!

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The landscape of learning management system (LMS) vendors is continuously changing. There have been tons of acquisitions within the past decade, including a large one this week. If your organization happens to be using an LMS that gets acquired by or merged with another 24, this may be a time. After all, you have probably spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours getting it configured to operate and setup.
The company, what should you do? What questions should you ask?
My first piece of advice would be: Just relax. The process of merging the two companies takes a while. You probably won’t find any adjustments that are overnight. Take this time to think through scenarios and prepare a list of questions to your account representative.
Below is a list of questions that you might want to ask. If the information is still new the account we might not know all the answers, but it’s great to start thinking in these conditions. To keep things straight, I will use the phrases acquirer (the firm who is making the purchase) and acquired (the firm who is being purchased).
Question to ask:
Why (especially) was the firm obtained?
How will the roadmap for the LMS change?
Will the technology change?
What goods, services, characteristics, etc., of the acquirer will be making accessible to clients of the acquiree?
How will the service version change to the acquirer, if at all?
Will the rate change for the acquiree? (ex. For customizations)
Will any of your service or specialized contacts change?
Can there be (still?) Be an annual convention for its own users and the LMS?
I am sure I left a few questions off. What else would you add?


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