Best Resources For Developing Live Digital Coaching Right Now


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, a growing number of universities, schools, colleges, and companies are devoting in-person classes, events, and meetings and moving them online. However, doing live virtual training is not the same as moving to another location that is physical. It takes thought and preparation. But in these crisis situations, leaders, trainers and teachers don’t have much time to get ready for the pedagogical shift. So, here are some strong resources for switching from classroom to live virtual education, training, meetings, and events. (If your LX designer is too busy with everyone else!)
Guides and Resources
Best Practices for Delivering Virtual Classroom Training
Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions Because of School Closings

Get and Keep Learners Engaged
How to Be a Better Online Teacher: Advice Guide

Producer Checklist
Recorded Webinars on Virtual Training

Virtual Training Resources: Books, On-demand webinars, and papers
Obtaining InSync
Lightbulb Moment Blog: Articles about Webinar and Virtual Classroom Design and Delivery
OLC Insights of the Online Learning Consortium
The Digital Backpack: The Resource for Online Training (K-12 Focus)
Interact and Engage! : 50+ Tasks for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars by Stone and Laborie
The Modern Virtual Classroom Experience: Managing the Experience
The Modern Virtual Classroom Experience: Facilitating the Experience
The Online Teaching Survival Guide by Boettcher and Conrad
The Successful Virtual Classroom: How to Design and Facilitate Interactive and Presence Live Online Learning by Christopher
Educating Online a Practical Guide by Rossen and Ko
Virtual Coaching Principles 2nd Edition by Huggett
Virtual Training Programs and Tools by Huggett

Journal Articles with Free Access
Virtual Classroom Education and Academic Performance of Educational Technology Students in Distance Education, Enugu Journal of Education, Vol.
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