Business continuity at Coassemble Throughout COVID-19


Whether you’re using Coassemble already to educate your staff, or are considering implementing Coassemble to assist you manage a remote team under the present conditions, we would like to assure you that we have measures in place to ensure that we remain up and running during this time.
We understand that many of you are taking a look at business continuity during this period. Your offices may close later on or may have closed. Others may be searching for a solution–your business unexpectedly needs to change to remotely and require a way to discuss staff knowledge and have prominence over that. 
For we would like to take this opportunity so you can be certain that we’ll be accessible throughout this disruption to supply clarity and some visibility to our business continuity plans. We’re sure we’ll address these here and many of you have questions.

Will support be affected in this time?
No. Our employees are able to continue working as normal they are and are secure. Our service will remain unchanged. As a precaution, we have mandated that all Coassemble employees will move to remote operations until further notice March 2020 from Monday. Our staff members all work remotely and have done so since our beginning, it’s embedded in our culture–being separated from our teammates doesn’t affect our ability to perform our jobs. We’ve got the infrastructure and tools in place to provide a seamless experience in this time.

Is Coassemble capable to deal with extra load because of a quick shift towards work?
You can be confident in our product’s technical structure and its capacity to deal with any possible increased volume and load.  Our monitoring methods reveal us in our traffic changes across time zones and we observe this mechanism trigger to accommodate requirement. 

My business does not have training to get a team that is remote. How do I get this setup?
We know companies are navigating a change to remote work and we would like to help empower this. In this time while providing supervisors visibility, we are offering a plan that may help companies to begin virtually training and sharing knowledge with their teams. This plan has no strings attached — cancel anytime if you need to and is offered at the lowest speed. There are no set up fees or fees. It’s our way of trying to assist companies to continue also to assist your staff continue functioning through this pandemic and to work in times. Learn more here.

Is your system secure?
Each customer, whether paid or not, receives the exact same degree of enterprise-grade security. Traffic to and from our servers utilize HTTP Strict Security Transportation, each connection is encrypted and it’s not possible to establish any unsecured connections.  Our source code management ensures API keys and information are maintained on secured servers. We have vulnerability checking on all new and platform code and frequently perform safety audits and penetration testing. User accounts are procured using industry-standard encryption and passwords are ever stored in encoded form.  Our disaster recovery execution makes sure that instantaneous copies of all platform data available, and copies are encrypted at rest.

What exactly are your SLAs?
Coassemble is a significant business tool, and we commit to a commensurate level of accessibility and dependability. We use commercially reasonable efforts to be accessible with a monthly uptime percentage of 99.95%. All of our clients will be notified beforehand if maintenance is planned for the stage and the scheduled maintenance will be carried out to prevent peak usage times. The unscheduled downtime threshold is <0.11%. In addition, our service SLAs can be seen here. 

Need more help?
Getting started with almost any new software can be difficult, particularly under difficult conditions. We’re offering so you can get started right away within your management of the catastrophe help. Contact us to set up a call with our online training specialist that will assist you find out ways to implement training for your group.  
Stay safe everyone,
Jude and the Coassemble team


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