Changing K-12 Learning with Technology’s Use


Transforming K-12 Learning with Using Technology

February 27th, 2020

Each generation contributes to its own share of challenges for educators. For a long time, education was not received by children? This altered when for the time once the responsibility of education was wrestled away from the clergy at Prussia and given to the Ministry of Education. After this, all children were mandatorily required to attend primary school.

We’ve come a long way, with education starting before school; at the preschool 20, Now. However, is this contemporary education helping prepare students for the long run? Some key challenges that educational institutions and educators still face are:

Educating children to address real world problemsOffering personalized learning for optimal academic outcomesEnsuring student participation in the classroomMeeting the requirement for learning.

Tech to the Rescue

The remedy to crucial challenges faced by the education system can be worked out via Technologically Enhanced Learning (TEL). TEL is a term used to refer to the usage of technology to increase instruction and learning. It can be used for digital as well as technologies. But it refers to the use such as electronic learning platforms and educational software.

With the help of TEL, K-12 education is currently seeing a revolution in the delivery of knowledge and academic results. A Few of the ways in that the learning experience is enhancing include:

1. Discover at One’s Own Pace

In the conventional K-12 classrooms, learning and teaching follow a pace, which can be defined by the majority’s capability. It is common for many students to fall behind, finding theories difficult to comprehend. On the other hand, fast students might find it dull once the class moves at a pace that’s too slow for them. With the addition of technology in education, pupils gain greater control over the pace of the learning. It also frees up teachers to give support to those who may be fighting.

2. High Engagement Levels

It is no secret that Gen Z pupils have a brief attention span. Classroom lectures’ repetitive nature can become dull for all these students really fast. Technology allows the addition of interactive components, enabling pupils to participate in the learning process, rather. A robust learning experience system allows for the integration of gambling components and movies, audio, infographics, images . This contributes to higher involvement levels. 

3. Upgraded Content

With rapid advancements around the Earth, information nowadays becomes outdated. Traditionally, students would have to wait to be published to acquire access to the latest details. However, the time the textbook published and deployed in schools the updated information might become outdated. On the flip side, an internet learning platform allows educational publishers and educators to efficiently update information, add and delete content and ensure that pupils have access to only the most up-to-date and most relevant details.

4. Detailed Feedback

With the help of technology, students can acquire instant and detailed feedback. It has been proven to be more beneficial in the kind of report cards, for pupils than delayed feedback. In addition, it is helpful as well, who can evaluate students who support and may need focus. Teachers can refine their instruction methods with customizable assessments.

Applications of Technology in the Classroom

There are quite a few technologies which are being used to increase learning and education. A Number of Them are: 


The world wide web has transformed aspects of our own lives, and education is just one of these. Students do not need to be within the classroom to learn today. With the help of the world wide web, students can learn anyplace and anytime. Lessons, as well as missions, can be supplied to them across the net. 

This not only provides flexibility to students, but also translates into better performance. Learning can take place during breaks, in your home, or while traveling. Studies have shown that the use of online learning can result in better results even.


Almost all them own a smartphone and spend about 4 hours on it each day, If it comes to Gen Z. This love for cellular devices can be exploited by teachers. With the help of advanced learning programs, schools and institutions are creating learning material which can be obtained by pupils on their mobile device. The best part is that without the need for internet connectivity, students can access class material with an eReader’s integration.

3. Inclusivity in Education

The usage of mobile devices means that learning can also be accessible for a bigger part of pupils. The price of textbooks can be prohibitive for some segments of society. However, with learning, the costs are reduced; making learning more accessible. A recent survey revealed that 80 percent of parents think that using mobile apps made learning engaging and fun for their children.

4. High Engagement

In learning the learning programs also permit the integration of gambling components. Games can be used to teach theories, in assessments and opinions. These may be in the shape of quests, puzzles, challenges and leaderboards. Gamification’s usage is usually based on a benefit and threat system. This helps in enhancing both motivation and participation. In fact, studies have found that 67 percent of students find courses with gamification more motivating.

Preparing Students

Educational technology prepares pupils for a future. Technology is evolving to provide solutions. Actually, a McKinsey report states that 40 will have become obsolete. The best way to prepare students for a future would be to use Ed Tech in the present education. This might help build skills that would be most relevant by the time K-12 pupils are all set to join the workforce.

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