Chatbots by Emma Weber – to Support Behavior Change


Making Learning Stick Online Conference 2020 – February 20, 2020

Do you struggle to create behavior change that is sustained ? One-and-done approaches typically fail, but one-on-one coaching after an event can make the learning stick. Although ideal it’s not often realistic, as it’s hard to scale due to available time and resources limitations. An exciting opportunity that will assist you deliver on and establish the learning results your company wants and needs is presented by chatbots.
In this session you’ll learn what is possible now with AI for information transfer. You’ll analyze customer examples as well as the lessons learned in what has been a human-dominated stadium from utilizing coaching chatbots ; delivering behaviour change post-learning. In this session you’ll deepen your comprehension of the mixture of chatbots and information analytics. You’ll discover the five reasons chatbot jobs fail and how to prevent them.

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Session Video


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