Criteria To Evaluate While Selecting A Modernization Partner


It could be an external team of experts or your in-house team. If you happen to opt for the latter, you have to be conscious of the criteria to evaluate while obtaining a modernization partner onboard. Let’s have a look to watch out for as you go about choosing one.

Technology Experience

In order to pick a modernization partner, the ideal technical skillset is a non-negotiable criterion. A company which can also be conscious of the compliance guidelines, and has expertise in all technologies understanding of your domain is likely to be a fantastic fit. Since modernization requires quicker turnaround times with large quantities of work, you must rather look for a partner with an established automation frame (s) and other technical utilities set up.

Clear Strategies And Transparency

The partner ought to be able to plan your whole modernization project. They need to have clear procedures and guidelines laid out for risk management, class development, change management, support, and sourcing. They should be able to present a fantastic estimate of your participation. It shouldn’t happen that your team is deeply concerned that they can not concentrate on their core business. This nullifies of onboarding an external partner, the objective. The partner should show you demos that are regular and get the approval of what has been created. The partner also needs to be clear about their way of working–their procedures, prices, expertise, challenges, project program and everything else that your team has to know.


Procedures and what methods does the partner deploy to ensure excellent delivery? An ideal modernization partner would have interim reviews such as graphics, Instructional Design, and programming set up. It can help your team review the changes correctly, if a partner maintains a log of changes being done in the course throughout the modernization process. Their quality team needs to be able to perform testing of text and multimedia elements together with testing that is performance. A excellent review by a different pair of eyes or seniors to ensure excellent delivery before it reaches you’re another helpful aspect.


Requirements can occasionally change even at the midst of a project. Can the partner quickly adapt to particular requirements or altered requirements? Could they scale their team based on your organization’s requirements? Also, evaluate what methods and resources they need to get back on track in case of issues. The partner team also needs to be open to iron out any gaps in delivery according to your feedback. Needs to be attuned to your style and your requirements. The partner ought to be able to talk at a time convenient to you if they function in a different time zone.


A partner in modernizing projects, with an established track record is far better than somebody who’s a newcomer in modernization. You ought to know they have been around and how satisfied their customers are. The partner ought to be able to supply you with work references. This speaks a good deal about their authenticity if their work has won some business accolades.


Cost is a crucial aspect. The high quality and service are not directly proportional to prices. At precisely the same time, it could just be bloated, although you might be suspicious of prices that are low. A partner that could provide a price that is reasonably low with the use of technology solutions is your best choice.

Evaluate A Modernization Partner – MemoZing

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