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Paddngton Station in LondonMonday I was off to London once more.

At an Inside Government occasion I am presenting a keynote on Tuesday. The event takes place in the City of London, which can be difficult to get to for a 9:30am start, so I went up to remain. Before going off to my hotel I popped into our London office. I had been intending to walk from the office to the hotel, but it had been pouring with rain so I grabbed the tube.
Tuesday was my demonstration and the Inside Government occasion was called Education 4.0 – Essential Trends in the Existing Digital Landscape

Education 4.0 – Essential Trends in the Existing Digital Landscape from James Clay
My presentation covered.
Reflecting on what we understand by the impact and Education 4.0 on universities?
Discussing how universities should harness the power of the information and use analytics to tackle some of the big challenges inside the organization
Asking the key questions: How will teaching be changed? Could we re-imagine the evaluation? How do we build a campus?
Designing a strategy which will enable organizations to start laying the foundations
In comparison to me thought attendance was low. I have some positive feedback and some questions that were interesting.
I believe we are starting to see wariness of this usage of analytics and information and more immunity for instruction and learning. The secure and ethical use of information is crucial, but even so, there are issues which need to be addressed, and may never be addressed.
The BBC reported a recent fine levied on UEA for a data breach.
University students whose personal details were emailed to a large number of the classmates are paid more than GBP140,000 in compensation.
A spreadsheet containing personal issues, bereavements, and student health problems was delivered to people that were 298 at the University of East Anglia in June 2017.
GBP142,512 has been since paid out by insurers to affected students from UEA, which stated it had reviewed data clinics.
There use to be rectification notices for these kinds of breaches we’re currently seeing the ICO making choices.
These kinds of news stories demonstrate challenges with information and the usage of information by schools and universities, in addition to data literacy problems amongst staff.
Central Hall, Westminster, LondonThursday I had been straight back to London for a meeting with the Department. Jisc and our funders across the uk meet regularly.
The Parsnip in Weston-super-MareFriday since I went to Weston College, I did not have far to travel, for a Microsoft Teams occasion. This event, part of a roadshow demonstrated some of how it was being used by some academics and the key purposes of this tool. I did feel I had heard many of these discussions before, with tools like Virtual Campus, Moodle, Slack, even Twitter. I believe what was missing is your tactical approach to this utilization of these tools across all of the business enterprise. How do you get everyone to use the tools you provide?
My tweet this week was this one.


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