Develop a connection culture and boost worker engagement


We have been social animals and the need to relationship with other individuals is hard-wired within our DNA. With our family, our buddies or with our colleagues, we develop relationships that define how we feel, the way we live, and how we work. Isolation and disconnection lead to anxiety plus depression, and even to identity downturn as the feedback we receive through others is crucial for our sense associated with self-awareness.

Let’s face it! Regardless of all the troubles of our social interactions, it’s impossible to disregard the importance of meaningful cable connections for our mental health and our self-improvement. Moreover, in our professional life, disconnection makes us lose the feeling of purpose, be less successful and less engaged. That is why creating a connection culture at the workplace is really a key factor to boost employees’ engagement plus productivity. According to Connection Culture Team, “culture is a positive bond depending on shared identity, empathy, and knowing that moves individuals toward group-centered membership”. Disconnection appears when positive provides are not strong enough or they do not can be found.


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