Did hawaii Sell My Data?


The sale of Instructure, the maker of Canas, to the Private Collateral Firm Thoma Bravo, appears to include each of the information that Instructure collected. Mich purchased into Canvas to supply Edupaths (don’t get worried, they got a good deal for three or*). I took lessons through Edupaths. Therefore, what goes onto my information? Does Thoma Bravo will have a good bit of information about me? I’ve attained out to much asking should they exempted our information from being gathered and marketed by Instructure. I haven’t heard back yet. Should they haven’t/didn’t/don’t, Thoma Bravo includes an excellent treasure trove of instructor data. My data will be contained in that. *Canvas had been well known to be peddling a “good deal” for 3 years. Their stated purpose was to show those accounts into gain raising prices after 3 years. This short-sighted considering constantly sort of bothered me. Let’s not pretend in what things cost. It appears relatively unlikely that the Canvas design worked out as prepared (though it did workout – these were purchased for $2 billion) because they never actually produced cash.


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