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My son is weak at math, although good at studies. How can I help him get better at it? Some of my students have ADHD, which makes it hard for them to remain focused in class. What’s the solution to this? These are only two examples of an issue today that students are currently facing. Studying has transformed into studying, and the reason is that we are still teaching the way it was done 100 decades back. Now, however, it’s time to change the destiny of our future generations along with this system. There have been lots of attempts for the same, some failed while others became a huge success, such as Udemy, Byju’s, Unacademy, etc.. These startups were a bold and commendable attempt to fix our education system’s problems. Today, we’ll be talking about the ways we could bring a revolution to our education system with the significance of education app development and a mobile application. The fantastic news is that several educational institutes and reformists want to know more about ITE (Innovative Technology in Instruction ) and excited about the growth possibilities in EdTech. In 2009, the total EdTech industry was valued at $380 million, and after a decade, in 2019, Byju’s (planet’s most valued EdTech company) alone is currently worth $5.4 billion. The solutions to resolve problems with mobile apps are:

Tailored Lesson Plans

Each child is different, and so learning style and each child’s needs will also be distinct. So, instead of making the kids adjust to a cookie format of studies, why don’t we adjust according to the kids’ preferences. Here is the notion behind lesson plans that are tailored. Imagine a classroom where students complete their homework providing you a good idea of which students have understood the idea and which require help as well. Now can be offered separately lesson plans that provide the students with the practice that was specific they need.


Who does not like matches, right? Gamification is just what it sounds like. It’s the procedure for making learning more interactive and more enjoyable by introducing enjoyable activities challenges, and rewards. Who would kids prefer to understand Newton’s laws from, a grumpy looking at their favorite animation or wo/man , Mickey Mouse? A child would like to understand with Mickey. This is the procedure of gamifying your app that is educational. Gamification has become popular among language learning software, such as MemoZing.com. It’s simple logic, applying what you have learned in the game form clinic can help you cement the concept in your mind better than repeating words or phrases over and over.

Video Lectures

Video lectures are the soul and the heart of the EdTech apps that we see. Tutors or the teachers record a video lecture that is broken into chunks of 5 to 10 minutes, explaining one topic in 1 video. Prior to the rise of the world wide web, video lectures that are such did exist in the form of DVDs and VHS tapes. They stored in the database or may be streamed from stations such as YouTube and Adobe Connect and be accessible by educational apps, such as MemoZing.com, when you buy their program.

Course-Specific Forums

Most of the EdTech apps give personalized tutors that educate one-on-one, however in case the tutors are active or you would like to learn from somebody else with a fresh perspective, integrating a course-specific forum is a brilliant thought. Additionally, it is perfect for the students that can’t interact with professors or other students in person. An EdTech app should offer a means for the students to ask questions and get viewpoints that are different online. Integrate a forum into each class your EdTech app provides, and the community or moderators will address your customers’ questions.

Organizing Content Weekly / In stinks

Courses organized into a set of weeks or sections are provided by almost all EdTech apps. The main reason is that with this strategy, there may be two ways to decide on the course: (a) Make the course readily available for a scheduled time frame or (b) make a learn-at-your-own-pace type of course. Both class formats have their own pros and cons, and students may choose as per their convenience.

Tests And Projects

Just how much did the kid learn from the EdTech app? Will you find out? That’s why there are short tests and small projects set up at the end of each module, and also some kind of final exam or project that will assess the child’s overall progress at the close of the year. The test or the short project at the end of each topic is to reinforce what the student learned in this section. On the other hand, the big MOOC tests simply offer a judgment rather than various grade rankings, promising their understanding without forcing them to conduct a rat’s race higher.

So these are the ways people could improve the education system and make it a better environment for those students to flourish. Education app development is an essential part of the app development vertical. It’s more than merely about making a business app make money, and it’s about creating excellent apps that help students learn in the simplest way possible.

The MemoZing Website For ELearning Design

eLearning Design, or MemoZing.com is a fresh, dynamic website that is designed for the business of marketing and education. It is the online services that will create fresh instructional and learning materials that would be beneficial for the business. It works on Adobe Photoshop Elements with the integration of several elements. It is one of the functional tools used in creating eLearning Design. They are the important elements that will work well in creating ELearning Design, such as information design and video design, at the right speed for learning, teaching, presentation, or other purposes.

The concept behind ELearning Design is that it would be developed into eLearning with the necessary skills for training employees and learners to understand the material that is being taught. It is the right way of learning because it utilizes the virtual learning environment to provide a more efficient way of teaching and educating students. The websites for ELearning Design work on Flash and other graphics tools in the digital world to provide an efficient way of presenting the text and graphics in eLearning. MemoZing.com is one of the important steps that are employed by businesses in creating customized learning materials and tools to ease the learning process.

Many businesses are interested in the technological aspect of ELearning Design and creating eLearning for students who are enrolled in a class, learning a course, or being employed in a certain field. They are looking for a good training site, particularly with a critical view for learners and businesses. For the customers, MemoZing.com is the right option for them to get the most suitable ELearning Design. This website provides a streamlined and professional approach for ELearning Design and designing the best and easiest websites and tools for learning.


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