ELC 060: How to Practice Evidence-Informed Learning Design


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I hope that this will be the decade of maturation for the learning market. Part of that maturation will involve disseminating and applying relevant research findings in the learning sciences. I talk with Mirjam Neelen about the conclusions that learning researchers the best way to incorporate learning approaches into your job and agree on to identify learning myths.
Mirjam is a coauthor of Evidence-Informed Learning Design. She’s a learning manager with over 10 decades of business expertise. In her current job, she leads learning experience design procedures throughout the various business entities of Accenture globally.
Difference between evidence-based and evidence-informed learning desig
Disciplines that feed in the learning sciences
Learning principles that cognitive investigators concur on
Value of expression
Between learning truths and research-based findings differentiating
Why we should beware of employing findings
Effective strategies for feedback and direct instruction
Effective strategies
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Evidence-Informed Learning Design (book) by Mirjam Neelen and Paul A. Kirschner
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