Establish xAPI Content From An LMS: cmi5 Adoption by ADL Pending


It’s a profile for xAPI, if you aren’t knowledgeable about cmi5. Especially, cmi5 is the use-case for xAPI in the “LMS starts content” scenario. It has been three years since the spec was published; it’s time to check in to see what’s going on with cmi5.

The xAPI bundle

It’s crucial that you know the limitations of that attribute while it’s true that some articles authoring tools possess an xAPI publish alternative.
It isn’t a supported or specified specification. ADL, the folks that brought us SCORM, did not participate in the definition of this “xAPI package” record and they do not suggest it.
It isn’t interoperable. While marketing and LMS tool providers have implemented support for this package, interoperability is limited. The package is not clearly defined, nor is there any specified completion standards. To whatever the tool has selected to implement LMSs have had to adapt their completion standards.

cmi5 adoption

Adoption by authoring tools and LMSs was slow. You can find a list of the adopters on the cmi5 site. Regardless of the list that is little, there are a number of encouraging signs that we may have many more.
Cmi5 has been integrated by justice Software their products in all. Because authoring tools and many LMSs utilize Rustici products in their 17, this is an important improvement. It should now be easier for those programs to adopt cmi5.
In the DevLearn 2019 xAPI Camp, Rustici declared that there are more than courses in SCORM Cloud. They revealed that cmi5 has shown adoption than xAPI itself.
More on this below.
cmi5 script library
When xAPI was published, a JavaScript library was printed by ADL for interacting with an LRS. A sample AU is also that shows use of the library. All for free!

cmi5 conformance testing

Essentially it means that ADL is seeking proposals to execute a research or development task if you aren’t knowledgeable about this BAA term. Development of a cmi5 conformance evaluation should considerably improve adoption, particularly by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The long run for SCORM is much less bright. From the BAA, the issue statement for the test package and the cmi5 participant contained the following:

“The cmi5 specification was produced to replicate SCORM functionality, with the intent of substituting SCORM since the de-facto structure of online courses and traditional computer-based training. On the other hand, the Department of Defense (DoD) requires a viable cmi5-player reference implementation and a software conformance test suite for cmi5-based content to enable its transition to operational use.”

Does this imply that SCORM is lifeless? Not yet. Since their clients have libraries of SCORM content vendors will continue to encourage SCORM to the near future. It does imply that the DoD is looking for a path and to cmi5. Additionally, it means that SCORM updated or won’t be supported by ADL.
Impact on L&D
Adoption of SCORM (2001) from the DoD is what pushed the rapid approval of the SCORM specification. The adoption of cmi5 from the DoD has an impact on any new content development.

You should think about development in cmi5 rather than SCORM or even the package In case you have an LMS and authoring tool which supports cmi5. This helps “future proof” your growth efforts.
Push your sellers to adopt cmi5 if you do not have resources with cmi5 support. Tell them you do not want to be left behind.
The future of cmi5 looks promising. I believe we’ll begin to see widespread adoption at the 2020-2021 timeframe.


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