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I really don’t know where curiosity comes from, however in the event that you could bottle it, I would buy it. When things are changing quickly, to have people in your team that are trying every day to understand the world It’s so precious. — Dan Shapero

I’ve found that I need something to look forward to and be excited about. Often that happens naturally when our family is looking ahead to a travel experience or when I am preparing a new workshop, etc.. Can you ever feel like that? I run out of things. If you are trying to come up with things to be excited about what do you do? Have you got some “visit” techniques?
I would love to hear your ideas. Here are the things I have found in the world of learning, design, and engineering.
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What I am Listening to I am feeling like something calm. This Afternoon Acoustic can also be great for mornings or some time of day.

Major Research Review About Learning Transport

This week he published his finding and you need to head on over to his website and learn about what he found.
Major Research Review on Learning Transport

“Show, don’t tell” — How can you do it?

More great stuff from Cathy Moore (@CatMoore) here since she reveals a method to make your situation scenes look real and how to apply it to scenario-based training alongside a situation writing toolkit you’ll want to obtain a copy of.
“Show, don’t tell” — How can you do it?

Want to Become a Dynamic Learner?

Lots of great stuff in this dialog with Bradley Staats about his new book “Never Stop Learning” Among my favorites was his four steps to becoming a lively pupil: Focus, Fast, Frequent & Flexible
Want to Become a Dynamic Learner? Here’s How to Do It [embedded material]

100 Applications for Learning

I shared my three. You’ll discover the remainder — 100 in all that I have shared over the course of the last year here this week. Lots of categories and something for everyone.


A few other things simply because I could.
Tools & Resources
[app] Stoop — Just Like a podcast program — except for newsletters. Get of your newsletters out of your inbox and into Stoop.
[podcast] Train Like You Listen — a new L&D podcast from Brian Washburn
[website] SanerJobs — remote and Flexible jobs ranked by an equilibrium score
[webinar] Best Practices for Launching a Neighborhood
[instrument] UXPRESSIA — Produce customer/learner travel maps
[PowerPoint admin] Free TalkTime add-on for PowerPoint to assist you to plan the timing of your delivery
[layout] — A slick way to handle digital colors with a dedicated webpage for every color code. To discover matching color variants, learn more about color possessions or convert color values.

I love talking about design, studying, and engineering. If you’re searching for a speaker, workshop or appointment let’s talk!


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