Go Beyond Boring: Developing Scenario-Based Learning that Engages Participants – by Christy Tucker


Making Learning Stick Online Conference 2020 – February 20, 2020

Workplace training could be dull and dry, leaving participants disengaged. If participants can not immediately understand the link between their training and their jobs, they won’t be motivated to finish training or to implement new skills. At the same time, eLearning can at times be too focused on simply remembering content and not give chances to practice their new skills to people. Additionally, it can highlight behavioral participation (clicking), at the expense of affective engagement (emotions and values) or cognitive participation (effort and deep learning strategies).
In this session you will learn how situations can make your eLearning relevant and more interesting to your audience. Scenario-based learning may impact emotions to create participants attention about the content and keep them engaged. It’s possible to use situations to hook people and draw them into the story right. It is also possible to use these to practice applicable skills that are decision-making in situations similar to actual life. You’ll explore branching scenarios–a situation strategy–along with a selection of other options for incorporating storytelling and situations.
In this session, you will find out:
Why learning functions
About the Selection of options in learning for utilizing situations
To eLearning, The Way to use situations to hook participants
How to design situations to Improve emotional engagement
To create situations to practice applicable decision-making
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Session Video


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