How to Compare Employee Training Pricing


We get requests from prospects inquiring about the pricing of our employee training videos if we’re currently selling widgets. They push when we clarify that we’re not like other training firms, and we personalize our pricing based on your needs, and many say their boss needs the lowest-priced choice.

Imagine if I had been a physician, and you walked in my office explaining that you had stomach pain and demanded to know what I would charge you for my services without ever giving me a chance to find out whether you need surgery or if a few Tums would suffice? Would the “physician” that hands on the antacids along with a smaller bill get your business?
Weeks or months later, you do not just do not feel you feel worse as medical issues have been caused, and you realize you wasted your money paying that bill that is smaller.
In a real-life situation, you’d be questioning each physician about their experience, their education, their manner, and their support staff before you’d make your choice, instead of considering the costs. When seeking to go for a solution supplier, I would think instead of merely considering how much each would cost, you’d think about many facets of your options. However, many times we have when contemplating their training options. They are not considering the outcomes of this training and whether or not what they are buying will be useful.

Consider the widespread company need for anti-sexual harassment instruction. As of today, there are six states with instruction requirements that are anti-harassment that are state-specific. These requirements include introducing the right subjects in the training, assessments of conducting time of the content, and minimal lengths.
Businesses want to add anti-harassment instruction for the reason of not being found out of compliance. They have not experienced any difficulties with harassment, so they need to show they have “a few” training set up, and they look for the least expensive solution. We call this the “check the box” mindset, and you can read more about it in our whitepaper “Why Compliance Training is More Than a Checkbox.”
This blog post will break down the components of our training alternative in a way that will allow you and other employee training suppliers to compare the costs.

Compare the Training Videos

If you are thinking about adding a library of movies that are off-the-shelf to match your employee training efforts, there aren’t many things. It’s important to take into account the production value of the movies and the experience that going to scriptwriting. Some videos cost more to produce and will be more engaging and effective. We have an entire blog post on the topic of “How to Compare Corporate Training Videos” for more detail, but here are the Fundamentals:
Make a side-by-side comparison: Pick a subject you plan to assign to a group of employees. View the movies from your short-list of suppliers and see whose you like the best. The videos of whose do you think your employees will prefer? Can you find out anything?
Think about the styles: This is where you will observe a gap in production value. Do the movies include a live presenter, images, music, voice-over. Are there any animations or special effects? Can there be one camera angles with a generic pair? Every one of these elements can contribute to higher or lower costs. They affect learning outcomes.
Compare the approach to microlearning: what’s the typical length? Ask the vendors about the strategy behind the period of their classes. Does each video have a beginning, middle, and finish so that it makes sense?
Assess the era of the movies: Is it important for the students to view current and appropriate training? Outdated training content reflects on your company. It impacts the amount of learning your employees can accomplish. Ask your partners how frequently they update their movies. Are they selling the same old movies from the early 2000s? The pricing they provide will take into account.

Compare the Technology

It is tough to compare tech supplies “apples to apples” when there are many suppliers with a variety of different features. Having a list of acronyms like LMS, LRS, HRIS, SCORM, etc. it seems more like alphabet soup.
You and your team of internal stakeholders will need to make your list of the problems you are attempting to resolve through employee training and the features (and articles) that you require to solve them so that you can try to compare prices. Buy the Ford Mustang Shelby when the Ford Fusion or even Fiesta can perform?
Is there tiered pricing based on the qualities you turn off or on?
When are new features launched, what happens?
What about learning technology?
Does this contain an authoring tool?
Storage space for your content?
Competency mapping?
Training reinforcement?
Classroom management?
Are all of these included or in another charge?
If you happen to be contemplating LMS providers, you may find our website helpful “Purchasing an LMS: The Complete Feature Checklist to Make the best choice.” We clarify the qualities that you provide you a checklist and may consider.
It is important to note that when you buy our off-the-shelf training material, you receive Thinkzoom for free!

Compare the Support

Additionally, you must ask during your vendor review procedure about service. Request about implementation, training, technical assistance, content consultation, etc.. A number of our competitors charge for all of this in the five-figure dollar range and the four.
What is the typical period for execution? Days? Weeks? Months?
Will you and your team of admins be trained? Or is it all self-guided via videos and PDFs?
Will you be assigned a learning consultant? Or are you going to be calling to a call center?
Will you get to talk to a human? Or are you going to be asked to receive assistance via email and online and submit a ticket?
Will you and your team get additional instruction and support as new features are added?
What about course recommendations or coverage queries or bug fixes? Are all of these included?
How are they treated?
Will you get help in establishing and promoting the material? Does the vendor provide a client advertising toolkit (like ej4 does!)?
And we want to be an associate. We want to change behaviors. That’s why:
Our content is more engaging, creative, and updated.
Once you buy our off-the-shelf training material, you get our LMS for free.

Support is included training, from execution, and throughout your contract.
We provide a client advertising toolkit with flyers and email templates to promote the instruction to your students.
We want the learning to take place. We want employees to enhance their skills, to engage, and alter their behaviors. And ultimately, for the company to be successful.

Additional Resources to Compare Employee Training Pricing
If you need advice on how to compare employee training pricing, here is a list of checklists and blog posts so you can make the best option for your company:

Use our handy checklist That Will Help You compare the training material in our article “How to Buy eLearning Content to Your LMS (Not Regret It Later)”
We provide you another useful feature checklist in “Purchasing an LMS: The Complete Feature Checklist to Make the best choice.”
Learn more about what may or may not be included in service in our blog post, “What is a Learning Advisor?”
Another aspect is the execution procedure.

Finding the Perfect Support When Using MemoZing

With the growing number of students are looking for comprehensive support to reach their goals, many have turned to eLearning. This is where you can find a resource that can help you find the program that is best for you. If you are a student, then you will find that there are so many benefits to using this option. Not only can you learn at your own pace, but you can also have a better online learning experience. To reach your goals, you will need some help, and you must look at the options available to you.

Many people have a lot of questions about the best eLearning and the support they can get. The first thing you will need to do is consider your needs. For example, if you are only going to use the eLearning that provides for a tutoring program, then you will want to be sure that you can afford this service. This means that you should be looking at the financial resources that you have to spend on a tutoring service. There are times when it is simply not possible to meet your needs. If this is the case, then you will have to evaluate the possibility of using the Tutor Plus program to get this service.

Another consideration when you are choosing a particular support service is to consider how many other people will be using it. If you are going to share the same type of training with a large group of people, then you will want to make sure that you will be able to gain the same quality of exercise that you would in a single course. To do this, you will want to examine the community forums and other information about the product. If you do not want to waste time trying to find support, then make sure that you have already looked around to see if you can find a solution that is going to work for you.


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