How to design group rituals to accelerate change in eLearning


I have a persistent fascination with the capacity for ritual and myth for learning. Previously I sought a synthesis of what’s known as a good practice (as always; -RRB- in an area I do not have great resources in. When I looked over a decade ago, there was not much. That is no longer the case. There is now quite a bit available about signifying shift with ritual. Myth, here, isn’t about confused beliefs, but instead are stories that connect us to our location in the world. Every culture has had typically, and its source narrative tales that explain the sky, the earth, and more. Ritual is a collection of behaviors that signify your perception in these tales. When you take a look at prayer, and transition training, you see how strong these behaviors are in shaping behavior. For studying, can we leverage this power?

That ritual worked until your brain did as the body bought in to it

Therefore, the behaviors build a ‘muscle memory’ that supports your goal. And agreeing to carry out the ritual in all is an implicit complicity in the narrative behind the ritual. Having others doing or having performed the ritual builds a social commitment.
There’s a power that is clear, but can we do it systematically? The resources in the bottom suggest we could. My synthesis states the response is yes. There are two important distinctions. One is whether it is collective or individual. Are we having a single individual to commit, or having a group commit? They may be becoming a member of the community, but it is about changing behavior. In the latter, it is about someone. (And, to be clear, here I’m talking secular shift.)

The distinction is the scope of the shift

Is this a private change that is tiny, or is a change to a whole system of belief? Are we helping someone is asking them to purchase into our organizational culture, or more productive? Signifying the shift looks important if we would like to transform individuals.
What makes a ritual that is effective is having a behavior that indicates allegiance. It is Important that the behavior signifies the shift in some way. It might be part of the actions the new change that is sought after incorporating. So you mimic rolling dough out to cement your comprehension of baking. Or it might be an iconic representation of some component of the belief drinking something special as preparation.

The actual arrangement is indicated to be a initiating incident

Such as another example (new customer), or a particular time of the day. There’s a procedure to be followed with a behavior a preparation and a final.
As usual, the procedure includes iterating, prototyping, testing, and identifying the necessary components. Does it feel authentic, is it easy to do, are a few of the questions.
The materials I’ve found suggest ritual can be helpful. Two clear roles are to successfully acknowledge their new standing and/or sustain mandatory mindsets and practices. When people have transformed, we would like to acknowledge the shift. And we would like to help them continue to preserve and produce the new ability. Signifying change is an important component. We ought to be intentional about making that happen.

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How to Design Group Rituals to Accelerate Change in Learning

How to design group rituals to accelerate change in Learning? The Web is a great source for information, but at what cost? Too often the marketers who show up with articles in local and national magazines have absolutely no training or experience in eLearning. The truth is, those of us who believe in a lot of great ideas like the Method, MemoMax Method, and Newtech Academy Method are only able to succeed because of the people who believe in those ideas.

Now, there are a lot of good articles on how to design group rituals to accelerate change in Learning. And, many of these articles are good. However, when those who say that are the people who have the most experience, they are the ones who should be the ones to tell others how to design the rituals and group techniques that will lead to success.

MemoZing is one such eLearning publishing company. They have an eBook called Improving The Smart Device. Of course, you know how important a device is to your learning experience. So, how does this eBook change things for you?

MemoZing authors and publishers, usually, are gung-ho promoters of the MemoZing Method. They love it because it produces higher ROI in Learning.

What is MemoZing? It is a system for generating really fast learning, and that is the most important thing of all. It doesn’t matter how good the product or how good the sales or marketing strategy. What matters is how fast learning occurs in a learner’s brain.


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