Improving employee Participation through Office Cooperation


Today’s teams operate from towns all around the world, and technologies today enables them to communicate and collaborate immediately. Two thousand eighteen reports are currently showing record amounts for remote employees, with as many as 52% of global workers working remote at least once. This number is only expected to grow as we enter 2020 and beyond. HubSpot’s 2019 remote work report states, “remote work is an integral component to creating a high performing and diverse company.” The remote function is no more in the long run, it’s current, and workers and managers alike need to conform.
Studies show that we may be ill-equipped, as excited as employees might function as a transition into a mostly remote workforce. A 2019 research from OwlLabs states that 15 percent of remote managers and 38 percent of remote employees received no instruction.
In an attempt to fill this gap, we created an in-depth guide about the best way to build and manage an effective and collaborative remote team, maintain more efficient meetings, and scale your company culture across the world, and capitalize on the upcoming 2020 tech tendencies with clarity and consistency.

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Insight out of Poll Everywhere COO, Sam Cauthen, on which makes individuals work and how to engage your staff effectively
Practical hints They Bou, from Poll Everywhere People Operations Director, how to scale connect teams & your company culture
Remote handling & work practices that inspire efficiency and staff productivity
Suggestions for using tech gather data that drive conclusions, build lasting customer relationships, and to gather authentic employee feedback
How InVision utilizes conversations that are cross-functional to be guided by Poll Everywhere
As the electronic landscape becomes more varied, complex, and prevalent, your technologies toolkit will get more essential to the efficacy and success of your business. This burst of endpoints and prevalent, instantaneous collaboration spurs the demand for management and a solution that make it possible to capture feedback and data immediately and inclusively. It’s vital to maintain control over your new, training processes, company culture, and unique strategy as the place becomes irrelevant for hybrid and remote teams.

Employee Participation Tips

Employee Participation (EP) is a well-known term in the workplace. It means contributing to the success of your business and being a significant force for betterment in the organization. EPP is important and may bring you more benefits than you can imagine, but it can be hard to implement and still get it done. How can you manage your employees in an organized way when there are so many obstacles to overcome? Let’s take a look at some of the ways to make Employee Participation a successful enterprise.

MemoZing – One of the best practices to implement, is to find out the key contributors to the success of the project management system. Once you know them, you will need to communicate this to the rest of the team. This is especially true if you have a team that is doing well but can still improve. A good way to memorize is to use the daily reports. This shows a simple overview of the day’s actions and tasks. It may not be very detailed, but it should give a good description of what was accomplished during the day. One of the best practices to follow is to add a one or two-paragraph memo for each person on the team that accomplished something significant in the workday.

Using Email – Another excellent option is to email a collection of summary e-mails to each of the team members as the week goes on. Doing this will allow you to keep track of the number of e-mail messages each person sends during the week. This is useful when a member needs to ask questions that come up during the week. You can also take advantage of a common platform to help you do this – live. This is a free company tool that has been built to help people keep track of their projects.


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