Increase QSR Team Member Retention With Digital Learning


The aim should be that the team members feel valued and confident in a genuine part of your business in addition to their role. A learning program that incorporates microlearning and gamification principles can help you proceed and get to that goal.
Are you ready to embrace? The ability to integrate technology into your learning culture is essential if you answered yes to the query over. The ability to achieve the goals listed above with a digital learning platform is possible today with the knowledge.

After spending the previous six months assembly with QSR owners, operators, and franchisees, the one constant is the challenge of making sure their staff members are both onboarded most efficiently and beneficially as well retaining the learning material for use at the point of demand. Though by shadowing the work of someone else, learning is valuable, the inability to maintain that information due to insufficient reinforcement bubbles up as a problem.
The failure to keep the learning material that is important during the learning period can affect the assurance of new staff members. At the same time, the designated trainers can show frustration regarding both working their usual shift in addition to training the team members with no ability to fortify or check the learning that has happened.
Digital learning platforms provide focus on the challenges mentioned previously by being standalone platforms to deliver the “3 pillars of learning” –knowledge transfer, reinforcement, and assessment–or even as part of a blended learning strategy to integrate both face-to-face learning with the support and appraisal. Also, don’t overlook that the team member can learn anywhere and anytime as part of your studying structure with instruction.

Because team members do not feel as if they are a part of the restaurant, the retention rate in the QSR sector tends to endure. Meanwhile can make them doubt that they are fit for the job.
A learning platform helps them gain confidence, unlike the trainer. Team members are afraid to ask the same question twice, thus causing mistakes. However, they do not have any reservations about clicking switches to get the information on an electronic learning apparatus, be it an iPad or laptop or mobile device.
Digital learning programs that use a platform that includes both gamification and microlearning principles make the learning process comfortable for workers while reducing mistakes. And when you take into consideration, the workforce age in the QSR area learning is how they learn.
Creating Coachable Moments
World-class QSR involves an evaluation of their team members’ learning progress. The capacity to use an embedded BI (business insights) tool is now able to deliver the analytical information for the training manager to coach the staff member and focus on the knowledge gaps that may exist. The BI tool also lets you evaluate your learning programs. We can determine the plan and know where changes will need to be made.
Final Thoughts
A digital learning platform does make the process efficient and useful, but it encourages an inclusive environment where workers could be nurtured. By providing a positive and seamless encounter, their employee retention cans enhance and deliver the best service to their clients. With an electronic learning stage, you can take the experience to a new level while running your restaurant.
There are various alternatives when it comes to finding the solution. Make sure to do the job at the beginning to avoid being “wowed” and needing to do more work when the quick pick may not serve your needs.


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