Is Open Source Ready for Extended Enterprise Learning?


You might know me being an independent learning systems consultant. But I’m also a recovering LMS sales guy. Six years back I pivoted after 14 years on leading lines with two major commercial LMS vendors. I learned a lot during those years. I also developed some strong opinions. And frankly, some of those biases deserve another try light of today’s market. Open source software is a superb example. A decade ago we’d occasionally cross paths with corporate LMS buyers who have been evaluating commercial systems side-by-side with open-source platforms. We’d snicker and say, “If you are considering both forms of systems, among us is in the incorrect place – and it’s really probably us!”Sounds smug. It had been.RSVP FOR THE DECEMBER WEBINAR!But we were trained to trust that when any corporation expressed fascination with an open source LMS, the customer was probably uninformed, serious, seeking an inexpensive fix or some mix of those.


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