Learning Adventures Can Change in 2020


The planet of L&D is continually changing, but one thing is certain, positive learning adventures are high in need.76percent of employees want opportunities for career development.

7 out of 10 people say that training and development opportunities to influence their decision to stay at a company.

56percent of HR managers consider training to be crucial, but don’t think they are doing enough to increase training opportunities.

To find more information regarding this year’s coaching tendencies and how they will impact learning adventures, I talked with Nolan Hout that the Vice President of Marketing in Infopro Learning. Nolan spends all the time doing marketing research in the L&D industry to understand the most frequent and pressing challenges in the sphere of corporate training. Many of the training tendencies in 2019 significantly influenced learning adventures. I began by asking Nolan when he thinks any of last year’s trends will continue to have an impact during 2020. “I feel this year we will see a steady push towards creating content accessible on any device mobile, desktop, or tablet versus just trying to go all-in on a mobile platform or behind the pc.” What they learned is that the platform employees favor is highly determined by the individual and their particular roles. Nolan clarified the push to put training material on mobile devices in 2019 is very likely to last, however the focus will be on accessibility. Studying material will be mobile responsive and accessible on every apparatus. Supplying training content that is accessible will ensure employees can participate in coaching in a way that is comfortable for them that will remove barriers and encourage higher rates of engagement.AR VR technologies were also starting to become more popular in corporate training this past year.

Nolan expects that this will last. He said companies are starting to look closer at use cases to determine whether or not the technology will enhance the learning experience for employees. “There was a company that utilized VR for firing training. It requires your employees to do that, if you are required to have a fire drill think of how long. If you can have someone do this virtually you’re saving a little money and time. I believe as we start to come across these interesting use-cases we’ll see AR VR really take hold in 2020.” We then began to explore constant learning. Organizations plan to concentrate this season on building a culture of continuous learning. However, what really makes a culture of constant learning effective? Nolan is most effective once the culture begins from the top down and explained that learning is all about culture and accessibility. “You need to be an organization where people feel they have time to learn, explore, and understand new items. I’m seeing more and more organizations know that and providing more time to employees.” Nolan said that associations that are currently wanting to create a culture of constant learning should look at creating a unified experience for learners. “They need to be able to access learning and training material in a moment’s notice. When there’s any obstacle to the entry, if there’s any friction to this, it’s likely to degrade that continuous learning culture that you worked so hard to build.” When asked about the biggest change for corporate coaching in 2020,” Nolan replied without a second’s note: “I feel that the biggest shift we will notice in 2020 is that L&D teams will double-down on their commitment to delivering programs that concentrate on improving worker performance. We’ve been inching in this way for years, but I believe now we are poised to create giant strides in connecting our coaching programs to the bottom line.” Key TakeawaysLearning experiences will continue to increase throughout 2020 in three important ways. There is going to be a push for access this season. Augmented and virtual… keyboard_backspace share Thank you. Happy browsing! ContinueOur site uses cookies to enhance your user experience. We presume if you continue browsing
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