Microlearning and Microtraining Strategies for Success


Do you need to train your team fast? As in, “my folks needed to become client-facing yesterday,” fast? Subsequently microlearning is here to save the day! Learn about microtraining and microlearning methods for achievement to take your employee training.

Microlearning Meaning
Microlearning, or “microtraining,” is the process of breaking down employee training into small, bite-sized pieces. The target is to utilize courses that are easy for workers. When I say brief, I do not mean 30 minutes–I mean 5 minutes or not. No more than one objective is focused on per training program.
In general, corporate training exists to equip workers with technical abilities to complete jobs that are job-related and proactively train them for the future. Microlearning provides workers with pertinent knowledge and techniques according to their immediate needs. Think of those 5-minute videos chunks of “micro-knowledge.”
If there is a sales rep constantly on the move, they might not think to split out a complete hour, or even half an hour, for training. Employing bite sized modules, training sessions are no more time consuming, however concise.
Let’s discuss why you need to incorporate micro-training into your blended learning application today.

Why Microlearning?
Complex issues break down into specific goals. We’ve discussed before in an age of distraction, the attention span of most individuals is less than a goldfish. Tragic that we are losing to some glass-bowl-bound fish, however I digress. We may use the time we do have more economically, although we can’t create more time.
If you would like to read about some microlearning examples in action, read about our partnership with NextWorth. We helped them develop accomplish a double-digit increase in, digital trade-in accuracy that was utilized and bite sized training videos.
In a prior blog, we recorded a number of the principal advantages of e learning. It’s time to dive by exploring the advantages of microlearning into microtraining is a tool.

Benefits of Microlearning

1. Mobile Access
Comes a wealth of chance and modes of communicating. Microtraining utilizes material that is new to be communicated by a variety of modalities. The mobility makes microlearning exceptionally powerful. Employees are permitted to access instruction whenever they can, they are –prior to a meeting, waiting for the bus, or even. Training has never been agile and so accessible.

2. Limited Distractions
Tech is a catch 22–it may also be a major weakness, although mobility is a substantial strength. Smartphones are one of the biggest productivity killers in the office according to a study by Careerbuilder. However, we’ve got good news! Since microtraining takes minutes to complete, there is time for distraction. Think of all of the notifications you get in a 5-minutes. Microlearning classes engaged and keep workers both concentrated.

3. Greater Engagement
Did you know that 65 percent of individuals learn by viewing? Because they’re more engaging, marketing experts use. The same reasoning applies to employee training. Guo, Kim, & Rubin’s research show that movies are statistically more engaging than longer ones. They recommend devoting more learning videos into shorter chunks (less than 6 minutes). In reality, the shortest movies (0-3 minutes) resulted in the highest engagement. Sound familiar? That’s microlearning at it’s best.

4. Just-in-time Learning
One of the primary benefits of micro-learning is that students can complete classes “just-in-time” without an instant’s notice. Workers have the ability to train on just what they need to know when they need it. Of microlearning for earnings training the advantages are compelling. The just-in-time training provided by microlearning is very helpful for the busy sales rep. They can quickly begin a new class and get complete knowledge minutes before a pitch or call.

5. Actionable Content
Behavioral changes are fostered by microlearning, as all learning should. Whether a challenge is faced by a worker in or out of their office, micro-training provides them with the resources they need in a pinch. Additionally, microlearning is personalized for a custom made learner experience. A unique course path provides a more efficient instruction, so students are all set to go when it is completed by them.
In a nutshell, begin using bite sized learning to inform and employ employees’ learning and development initiatives. Listen for a mixture of training methods, to our training, 25 training tips in 25 minutes.

At Technology and Unboxed Training, ReadySet — an off-the-shelf eLearning system for the learner was developed by us. By narrowing in on one crucial skill with microlearning streamline your employee training. Classes are challenging enough to engage workers but enough to encourage retention.
Utilize ReadySet as a just-in-time training for new workers, or equip your employee with class content that is action-oriented. Contact us to find out more about microtraining and microlearning methods for success–Respect, Lead, Secure, or ReadySet Sell and embrace microlearning today!

The start of every year is an opportunity to reevaluate training goals and ambitions. Do you know what is worth your investment?

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