Netflixisation, is that even a word?


Gringotts Dragon in Harry Potter Studio TourAt the weekend we went into the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

The first time that I went into the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour was in 2015, only after they had added Kings Cross and the Hogwarts Express . We chose trip to determine how different it had been dressed for Christmas and with snow. Last time we were at the foyer waiting to proceed, suspended from the ceiling has been the flying Ford Anglia. This time there was a creature!
Fetter LaneThe week started off in London. This is an meeting where we discuss issues and technologies regarding instruction and learning. We had an informative discussion at the morning on curriculum analytics, exactly what it is, what it isn’t, what it could be used for and also some of the serious and challenges in analysing the curriculum. In the afternoon we were discussing a few of the challenges relating to Education 4.0 and exactly what the potential issues are in relation to preparing for the future that may be Education 4.0.

On the way home I read this blog post (again) kind Lawrie Phipps which I enjoyed.
I have written myself (recently) on invention
Digital should be a choice…
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“Innovation is defined as different or new, but it isn’t defined as been better that has been there was earlier.”
I discover there is an assumption around EdTech that”innovation” means consistently better. Not true.
Image by Pexels out of PixabayOn Tuesday we were talking about building and community communities, something I have done in the past with some success (and occasionally not so much achievement ). At a way I don’t believe doing something such as an event, or even a mailing list, or even a Twitter hashtag will bring about a community, although I don’t believe there is any one way to build a network. I have found you want to do a range of things, as a few things works for others for many people and other things works.

The sort of things I did back then including utilizing tools such as Jaiku (and then the Twitter) to people micro-blogging to connect and communicate. We did online webinars, which have been interesting and enjoyable to perform. We did lots of podcasting too. Another thing we did was blogging. Those were at the primary broadcast mechanics, therefore to back those up a mailing list was utilized by us and conducted events and workshops. It was one kind of event , there were workshops, in addition to conferences and meetings. Was all about communicating connecting and sharing.
When I began to build the Intelligent Campus community, I have done a similar thing. I started off with Twitter in the primary, employing a to connect what I was stating. I posted interesting and relevant links (well I thought they were interesting) to Twitter too. Additionally, I blogged a lot it was all about what the job was performing, but I blogged about things other people do. These articles were shared on Twitter, but through an mailing list, nicely people still enjoy e-mail. Of posting a digest into the mailing 14, I made a point too. Community events also conducted where as me presenting, I got members of this community to present. Another thing is to attend events and gift, something that I did for the Intelligent Campus along with both MoLeNET.

Waterloo Tube StationWednesday I had been straight back to London, I had been providing a session in LSBU about education’s future. A good deal of the discussion has been all about transformation and change. My general summary was, taking a phrase form Lawrie that”electronic is individuals”.
This connection from the Guardian caught my attention. This isn’t really news is it, Aside from conflating content with learning and teaching? Recording lectures has existed for a long time now lecture catch isn’t really that new.
Lecture catch need to see for clarification, or had uses for students who wish to replicate a section of this lecture that they didn’t understand. It’s beneficial for all those students who struggle with all all the language facets of a subject, or for whom English is not their first language. Those students who have visual impairment or an hearing impairment might find it helpful to review or repeat a lecture. Then there are have work or something like this.
I think the expression Netflixisation misses the purpose of what Netflix is. Netflix isn’t only about using a selection of video (films and television) to pick from, it is also about having the whole collection of some thing, the capacity to watch at a time and location to suit the viewer, apparatus and ecosystem agnostic (in the primary ) and recommendations (though they could be enhanced ) Another significant facet of Netflix is the impact it’s had on conventional media and broadcast tv (and less so on movies ).

I noticed that it’d been ten years since I had been in Auckland in New Zealand to get Ascilite 2009 in which I had been delivering the keynote of the seminar.
Auckland, New ZealandFrom what I recall it was a fantastic conference, and quite different to the ones I had attended in the united kingdom. My keynote was received and that I had pleasure utilizing and delivering Twitter in the exact same moment.
My tweet this week was that one.

On this particular day in 2008 I had one of the best hotel breakfasts I have had no buffet, delicious and nicely presented. Still not certain about the lettuce though! It was in the Bloomsbury Hotel in London eleven years back.


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