Not quite a four day week – Weeknote #35 – 8th November 2019


Some administrative technicalities meant I had to glance in remotely and I didn’t manage to book a spot at the event, although I had intended to attend Wonkfest.
In London at the Office for Students last week following my meeting that I had been interested to observe the following press release in them.
The Office for Students has published an Insight brief, Emotional health, today: are students being supported? Our Insight briefs give an overview of developments and current issues in higher education, drawing on the data, knowledge, and understanding available to us in England since the regulator for both colleges and universities. Emotional wellness is always among the top concerns raised by students and the OfS plays a significant role in identifying gaps in pupil support or advice. We have published an analysis of accessibility and participation data for students with declared mental health conditions.
There is a challenge in supporting these students with the development in students reporting mental health problems. We are aware that service staff are currently visiting a lot mental health disasters when compared with a couple years ago. Funding for support services is obviously one alternative, but there is also the need to take into account the well being of students and ensuring that being encouraged much earlier. Does the current structure of higher education courses contribute to well-being or negatively impact?
Image by StartupStockPhotos from PixabayI have spoke with colleagues the four-day week’s concept, allowing workers to benefit from the efficiencies that technology can bring to productivity. In Japan, Microsoft found that expansion jumped 40% following a four-day week experiment.
The thing that Microsoft Japan does is limit meeting to 30 minutes. Do you have meetings that are long or would you keep them short and try?
Speaking of Microsoft, I engaged in a meeting with Microsoft referring to the use of Teams following the event last week organized by Jisc at Keele University. It has a bit, though not a VLE, even Microsoft is keen to point out that it isn’t a VLE. Teams can be made by the ability to plug in services and tools an electronic ecosystem’s heart.
Image by HeikoAL from PixabayAlexa along with other voice assistants could be helpful (in addition to annoying), but did you know you can silently issue’voice commands’ using a laser?
Lasers can silently issue ‘voice commands’ for your smart speakers | Engadget
On Thursday I went to be going to a meeting at our Bristol office, alas the individual I had been going to meet had been sick and canceled. I thought about going to the office I had a desk so decided to work from home but it had been raining.
I finished off the schedule for my Senior TEL Group meeting that’s occurring in December. This group consists of a mix of people such as PVCs Teaching and Learning, in addition to TEL individuals, students, and employees.

I posted a post on the Twitter to the site.
So is your Twitter taking over your life?
[embedded material]
Image by Julia Phillips out of PixabayFriday I had been off to Cardiff in their financing of Jisc for a meeting with the Welsh Government. Throughout the past couple of months I have had meetings with funders in England and Scotland.
My tweet this week was this one.

Oh, my, this makes atriums look like a fantastic idea…
New Library Is a $41.5 Million Masterpiece. But About Those Stairs.
— James Clay (@jamesclay) November 5, 2019


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