Professional Media Approaches to Make Digital Instructional Content Stick – by Jonathan Halls


It’s easy to aim hit on record and a video camera –but maybe not so easy to create instructional movie that is easy and fast to comprehend, looks good, and leads to learning. It’s easy to get a microphone and start speaking –but not so easy to record and plan a podcast that brings in listeners, keeps them participated past the first few moments, and supports learning. The skills to make websites with content that is polished and is currently engaging is exactly what distinguishes bad and content.
You’ll investigate professional media strategies from TV, radio, and newspapers that can be applied to your media content to ensure also the learning sticks and it is polished. You’ll look from recording voice overs. The session will cover ways to make video appear more professional to make sure your content results in learning, create podcasts and audio that polished and make certain digital text is read rather than dismissed.
In this session, you will find out:
4 fundamentals to ensure your is easier to remember and apply
4 ways to make your videos look professional
4 things you can do to create and engaging
Is simpler and faster to read on electronic screens.
Please Note: you may want to adjust your speaker volume, and Some of the videos are in a greater volume than the rest of the presentation.

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Session Video


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