Professional Media Techniques to Generate Digital Instructional Content Stick – by Jonathan Halls


Making Learning Stick Online Conference 2020 – February 20, 2020

It’s simple to target hit on the album and a video camera –but not really simple to make a video which leads to learning, is simple and quick to understand, and looks great. It’s simple to pick up a microphone, and start but not really simple to program and record a podcast which supports learning, keeps them participated beyond the first few minutes, and draws in listeners. The abilities to produce media content that is polished and is engaging is exactly what separates great content.
In this session you’ll investigate media strategies from TV, radio, and newspapers that can be applied to a media content to make sure the learning sticks and it’s polished. You will look to create video look more engaging from recording voice overs. The session will cover ways to create podcasts and audio which seem polished, make video look more professional, to be certain that your educational content results in learning, and make certain text is read rather than dismissed.
In this session, you will learn:
4 principles to Make Sure your is more easy to remember and apply
4 ways to make your videos look professional
4 things you can do to produce podcasts which are polished and engaging
4 methods that can ensure your text is faster and easier to read on displays.
Please Note: you may want to adjust your speaker volume, and some movies shared at the recording are in a greater volume than the remainder of the presentation.

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Session Video


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