So is your Twitter taking over your life?


Is the Twitter controlling your life?
So do you check your stream and article to theTwitter whist?
Can you look at the Twitter?
When you get into work, do you check the Twitter first, prior to assessing your e-mails?
Whenever you are cooking at home can you check the Twitter cook?
Do you examine the Twitter, instead of watching the program, if you are watching TV? Can you participate with other people about the program you are currently watching with a hashtag?
What about when you go is the very last thing you do before you go to sleep would be to check at the Twitter?
Is it the very first thing you look at when you awaken?
Can you pick on where to have coffee so you may check the Twitter, based on the free wifi?
When you purchased a new cellphone, was the simple fact that it could run a Twitter app one of the chief reasons for purchase?
When handing over contact info do you say @user rather give the person your email address?
Maybe a more important question would be, would you give up the Twitter?
Or do you want to leave a comment stating it is known as the Twitter it is just Twitter?
So would you stop using theTwitter? Not, for ever possibly. Maybe, over the vacation period? Or the weekend? Why can you do this? What’s the point?
Or is it not about quitting using the Twitter but thinking concerning everything else.
For me the Twitter is all about the coffee. It is the conversations you have in the morning, it is the conversations you have in a coffee break during an event or a meeting, it is the conversations you have in a seminar between the sessions over coffee. It’s a conversation without the limitations of geography and in some ways time.
For me though it does not replace all those conversations, it adds them, they are enhanced by it, but in the main I have these other conversations. I don’t utilize theTwitter to avoid rather of these or those.
Of course lots of things are said during these face to face conversations, mundane things like the grade of the coffee, speaking about posts and programs, folks we have met, people we have seen, the caliber of the presentations, keynotes, and sessions.

There are also individuals we avoid those, during those conversations that speak about themselves the ones that have views about what: in other words those that don’t listen and speak all the time.
With conversations over coffee, one of those aspects is that you don’t hear all the conversations, and you don’t necessarily hear the beginning or the end. You dip you join, converse insert and leave. Of course if you don’t join in that dialogue people may talk about you but you won’t be missed, and you won’t even be thought about.
Which brings us back.
If you get started using the Twitter instead of conversations you may choose to consider how you are using the Twitter. At the end of the day the Twitter stream isn’t important. It doesn’t matter if you miss it, you don’t need to check it all the time.
You likely do Should you feel you want to have a rest from the Twitter. It doesn’t matter if you don’t, even if someone else does and then tweets out how they are currently taking a rest from the Twitter.
For me the Twitter is a significant tool that I find useful, there is a community on the market the same can be said by me about conversations over coffee. But like any casual conversation it is not important to listen to the whole and every conversation. You dip in and you can dive out. When you go off to events or on leave you will overlook conversations but you don’t need to listen to them stuff will get to you if needed.
I am aware that if I don’t participate with the Twitter that folks will not notice and.
Oh, and I promise to not say the Twitter!


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