Story You Had Me Story – by Karen Davis


On a Shoestring Online Conference 2020 – April 23, 2020

Research also demonstrates that not only is the brain distinct under the influence of a story, stories that are stimulating tend to keep areas of our brain. This makes narrative a means of communicating to help people understand. It’s also an affordable way to help your projects succeed, as we can leverage storytelling . All we need is a little bit of resourcefulness and imagination.
In this session you’ll discover as a company strategy to build acquisition for your own projects and how to use stories as an educational strategy to help learning. You will learn how to immerse learning material in narratives that fuel fascination and keep people participated. You will also get advice on the best way best to craft stories that affect stakeholders to break with the status quo.
In this session, you’ll explore:
Narrative structures and devices which will help you craft compelling stories
Strategies for scripts, engineering films, and games
What we can learn from movie scores, audiobook manufacturing, and podcasts
AI platforms which can help you generate creative content quickly
Strategies and tools in your organization for curating stories
Low-cost and free sources for making your stories come alive
Resources for learning more about the craft of story
Session Video


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