Strategies For Using Video To Alter Much More, And Your Employee Training, Onboarding


Have you ever noticed? The buzz in worker training is turning the traditional classroom instruction arrangement on its head.

Classroom” has finally come to the workplace. But as organizations
Begin to embrace the learning version for employee growth,
The first questions are practical — how does it work and where to
To give you a head start — and get you thinking
Create the reverse in your own learning and development programs — make sure you
Combine Panopto’s Dave Dumler for this top-to-bottom overview of the flipped
classroom. You will learn:
How flipped studying rearranges the arrangement of the traditional classroom
The numbers behind more and more L&D teams are making the flip
Strategies for how to create and distribute pre-class lecture videos
Suggestions for what you can do with your newly-opened in-class time.
And actual flipped learning use cases from other organizations
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