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With a fast shift and employee turnover, retail is a particular sector. Learning and development in this dynamic landscape present many challenges. Figure out how she keeps pace with change and being experimental is vital.

Learn from services and social networking. Adapting to people’s experiences will allow you to stay relevant and useful.
Put experiences in the heart of retail L&D: Great learner experiences lead on the sales floor. Create a series of client experiences in your organization.

Stay connected to keep up

Keeping up with the speed of change in retail is a challenge. When they delivered the retail landscape. Should you spend weeks designing initiatives is wholly altered. How can you match this pace of change?
It’s all about making it happen through people. She stays close to coworkers across all levels of the business. This helps her to produce learning which meets the needs of the market and the people. It’s all about experience and sharing knowledge. Digital learning could be one alternative. It reaches a massive number of people across the globe in a short timescale. But, as Roberta points out, it’s not the optimal solution.
“We have as much knowledge inside the organization… It’s all about using internal expertise. Sometimes providing solutions, which do not cost a fortune but make a difference for people. It might be lunch and learn, power hour, breakfast meetings. It’s all about making people associate.”

Be revolutionary and experimentation

Retail is a dynamic enterprise. Having a large number of younger people and turnover in shops, grabbing and keeping people’s attention is essential. If it will be useful, it needs to be participating.
Roberta sees innovation as a response. Change needs to occur throughout the L&D process to understanding the effect of designing alternatives. In Roberta’s experience, we often come to HR requesting more training. But formal training is not necessarily what they need. The traditional way of designing and delivering learning initiatives does not do the job. It’s not just time consuming, but the results can feel out of date and depart students disengaged. Instead, you have to focus on what you want to attain to experimentation. This will allow you to pick an approach that satisfies the needs of its people and the business.
“You have to be quite daring and progressive to do development and learning in retail. It’s a theory that’s walking somewhat from the more organized ways of talent and development. However, in retail, you’ve got to take some risks, and you have to be able to experimentation.”

Believe Netflix

To streaming services from websites, everything is being changed by people’s experiences. It’s impacting their behavior and expectations. So, how can you react to those modifications?
Roberta is apparent that it has to adapt to staff if retail L&D will be sufficient. Ask yourself: How can you react faster to learning demands? Would you design eLearning that is retail using a more contemporary look and texture? How can you allow greater knowledge sharing? Most of us need to challenge ourselves to learn from and replicate people’s online experiences. Explore how Netflix can influence your learning that is electronic. Contemplate how approaches used in websites can allow you to develop your visitors. Use people’s engagement and communication skills that are internal. Retail L&D is no longer a coaching function.
“You’ve got to talk to somebody who’s probably in their early twenties. Someone who is used to every day with Facebook and Snapchat and god knows how many other social websites. So, you have to be able to replicate this with electronic learning.”

Put experiences in the heart of Customer experience is fundamental to retail

And retail L&D is different. Customer interactions do not start and finish on the sales floor. They occur throughout the retail business.
Roberta sees her job as a facilitator of great customer experiences. Both her internal and external clients. Delivering active learning and development alternatives generates experiences for everyone. It goes further than designing and delivering learning initiatives. It makes a series of behavior. Skills inside the business create customer service on the sales floor.
“It’s all about what our folks, our clients see and feel. Both inside the shop floor, but also the business. Because if you make folks happy inside an organization, then they will serve our clients better on the shop floor.”

A quick recap

Faced with the ever-changing landscape, Roberta embraces the challenges of retail presence. She points out how much fun you’ll have in retail L&D. She has four strategies for success. Stay connected to an organization. Be open. Keep people participated. Focus on client experiences. Want to find out more? Check out the podcast.
You can download our retail plan toolkit, to keep up with the speed of change in your business.


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