The Future of eWork: 5 key trends for Another 10 years


The Future of Work?

Many business people think that the future of eWork is in the health care sector. While it is true that many of the healthcare professionals will need to work from home the idea that all these workers will be fully mobile is a pipe dream. While they can be situated in different parts of the country, it is unlikely that they will be at home to get care.

Another possible concern is that only a fraction of the medical professionals will be covered by private health insurance. This makes it doubtful that these workers will have anywhere else to work.

There is also a concern that senior executives will tend to be staying in more expensive locations. It is easy to understand why they would want to make sure that they are there for the “situation”. If the bill is incurred from a local billing arrangement then it is unlikely that they will be located at home, at least not on a regular basis. In the very same way that these corporate people are likely to be staying in five star hotels it is unlikely that they will be staying in cheap hotels either.

This has been taken as a sign that the companies have accepted new models for running their businesses. While the new business models have a lot to offer the business environment, it has become more clear that many in the industry will require mobility. While there are some excellent venues that have been set up for this purpose they will never replace the importance of a fully mobile workforce.

The future of eWork has to involve a combination of both. While the companies need a working type of structure for the professionals they will be very much dependent on their care work. And in this case, the health care providers will still be the major users of mobility for people who have to work from home.

Where mobility is concerned, the companies are coming to the conclusion that there is no room in their work place for the type of accommodation that has been offered for many decades. With several business types now unable to work from home there is really no need for them to be at home at all. What this means is that they are building accommodation and cars for their own workers.

There is no reason why a computer can’t be installed on to a vehicle and could be the motor of choice for someone who has to work from home. It is simple to understand how this could play out. In the same way that a mobile medical practitioner is likely to have a very good idea of how they would like to be moved, a self-employed car manager would like the same. As many of them are now working from home, it is not hard to see how this is possible with


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