The particular Uberization of Learning


Simply, by LeiLani CauthenWhat might dynamic pairings of people and learning content perform for education? This is the question We are posing as I gather my ideas and the material for my brand-new book. As your mind conflates the particular concepts you relate with institutions with the concepts of on-demand motorists using geo-location in a fleeting deal that is individualized and convenient, your ideas may potentially go in these instructions:
This is just another initiative, without value like all the other trendy things teachers have to calmly wait out plus ignore.
Isn’t this just a fairly wrapping for courses online getting on-demand with chat-bot distance instructors? Been-there, done-that, and it hasn’t actually changed much of the present scene up to now.
The proposed destruction of school as you may know it by a mobile App.
Some type of platform with content made automated for students. Also, yawn.
Seems like teachers will no longer be needed.


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