The Supporting Your Workforce Through Change Online Conference – by Megan Dybczak


Whether we plan for it or it comes change is inevitable in today’s business atmosphere. Organizations need to be adaptable with the conditions brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic. It is crucial for L&D departments to have the ability to develop new approaches that provide the best support possible through these times.
In the Supporting Your Workforce Through Change Online Conference on 28 and May 27, you’ll notice eight sessions led by professionals on how they’ve been able to adjust their abilities. You are going to learn how to adapt your plans to challenges such as the ones and you’re going to walk away with resources and fresh tactics which you can incorporate in your work moving forward.
Here is a look at some things you will learn at this online conference:
How to apply and adapt project techniques
How you can use a training needs analysis to engage with your workforce
Instruction to enhance, promote health, and deliver powerful communications
Tools and models which will enable you to partner and collaborate with your business
You can apply leadership abilities to assist in future times of change
And more!
You are able to enroll for your own Supporting Your Workforce Through Change Online Conference or find an eLearning Guild Online Conference subscription to access most of conferences that are online and this.


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