Top L&D Firms You Don’t Want To Miss At The Learning Technologies 2020 Event


Learning Technologies 2020, the biggest L&D occasion of the entire year in Europe is still here! An additional reason to join a visit if you ask me. Everyone who wishes to listen to the latest news from L&D leaders at the sector’s most notable event is going to attend.
It is an excellent opportunity for both eLearning companies and eLearning professionals to check out what is happening in the business. You’ll have the ability to get a clear picture of what is going on in the learning environment and landscape. Plus you will have the ability to understand the gaps between eLearning options (LMSs, authoring tools, etc.), and content suppliers.
Highlights Of The Year’s Leading Learning Event In Europe
ELearning professionals, including decision-makers, will say their existence. You’ll find lots of special offers or giveaways that could help your L&D department excel. Plenty of vendors will demonstrate their value proposition. It is your turn to watch discussions and presentations on topics that matter to you.
There’ll be folks here who are at the store and managing the stuff that is going to be applicable to eLearning buyers in the next 2-3 years. Plus, you may get to see a demonstration of a service or a product that captured your attention. These are only a few of the reasons that make this most significant learning event in Europe.
I bet you’re excited as I am to get expert views on topics such as AI, personalization, and coaching impact dimension. Merchandise managers cEOs, SVPs, and directors will be able to help you channel your investment to the right path. Therefore, what’s the next step you want to take? Have a look at the list and book a meeting with some of the businesses in the world. Don’t miss the chance to meet with sellers and get the answers you want.

Research The Companies
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Top Vendors Listing For Learning Technologies 2020
Are you currently looking forward to dive into the new trends that are currently shaping? Without further ado, let’s explore the top vendors attending the eLearning event of the year! Be sure that you book a calendar meeting to learn all there is to know in their options.
Adobe is the global leader in electronic promotion electronic media, and learning options. Services and their tools allow their customers to create revolutionary digital content, deploy it across devices and media, quantify, and optimize it, and achieve business achievement. Create, print, and manage your own eLearning for Instructional Designers, coaches, teachers, and business professionals, using Adobe Captivate Prime LMS Adobe Captivate, and Adobe Join — industry-leading, award-winning alternatives. Satisfy with their staff at Learning Technologies 2020 and know all about what is new and coming from Adobe. Discover how to make classes in 30 minutes using Adobe Captivate–2019 launch. Find out to train employees, partners, and sales reps and how to implement learning. Discover Adobe Connects goes to empower experiences that are engaging. Learn dates from London, Amsterdam, and Brussels.
Get a 15% discount by registering at Learning Technologies at the Adobe booth.
Trusted by over 1,600 companies worldwide, the Docebo learning platform brings the societal learning experience for your learners want, together the enterprise LMS you need, along with also the power of Artificial Intelligence to make learning your competitive advantage.
If you are seeking to adopt an eLearning solution that elevates the student experience but also supplies a user-friendly encounter, you can get all the information you want at the Learning Technologies 2020 occasion.
Here’s your chance to fulfill Docebo at Stand: K20.
LearnUpon LMS is a platform to learning, using a practical approach. By combining industry-leading abilities, unmatched ease-of-use, and customer support, organizations can manage, monitor, and achieve their varied learning goals–all through a single solution.
Founded on over 25 years of eLearning expertise, LearnUpon was launched in 2012 by Brendan Noud and Des Anderson. Their duty is to help businesses get more out of corporate learning. By putting your goals LearnUpon guarantees that each learning opportunity has been an experience that advances partner, employee, and customer success. As it should be, it is learning.
LearnUpon makes it effortless for organizations to provide high quality learning adventures that are company in a manner. With learning portal sites offering course and powerful user management, organizations can seamlessly deliver viewers training. With automation at its core, their LMS’s features make it simple for businesses to improve their impact. Beyond the authoring inside their stage, LearnUpon is SCORM and xAPI compliant, and supports societal and blended learning.
Trusted by over 1,000 customers worldwide, including Intuit Quickbooks, TripAdvisor, Premier Game Match Officials, Twilio, Hillarys, and Zendesk, LearnUpon is one of those fastest-growing LMSs on the Planet.
This year, see and go LearnUpon at Stand L10!
Learning Pool
Being a full-service eLearning supplier Learning Pool offers a stage as well as a variety of classes and content creation services to over 750 associations and two million learners in 21 nations. With content on the market’s most flexible and largest catalog, Learning Pool delivers a personalized learning experience, combining experience in learning, gamification, and AI-driven performance.
Learning Pool has been also awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation along with Learning Technologies Award Learning Company of the Year and attained Gold Standard in Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies Awards. These are only a few of those reasons to satisfy with their staff.
Follow the link and book your appointment with Learning Pool.
You know just two things are true in L&D. First, if you can’t see the company advantages then it is not worth the investment. Secondly, if you will need to spoon-feed employees, engage them with gimmicks, and scramble to be involved–something isn’t right. By offering learning that drives performance where Looop comes here is.
Your employees do not have time to waste on an LMS they do not use, and don’t you. That is why the redundancies built into the learning options to supply you with an LMS that delivers performance at the rate, scale, and quality of your business needs are removed by Looop. No bells. No whistles. A frictionless User Experience that addresses critical points of failure and provides learning relevancy in the flow of work. Because it is not about nice learning. It is about whether your employees will use it and the hard-edged advantages for your business.
You’ll find Looop in action at Learning Technologies 2020 Stand L03
Go meet at Stand L03 with them, or allow them to know if you’d like to book time straight! is a brand new eLearning authoring tool by BuildEmpire, and it is a software development company specializing in eLearning. This year BuildEmpire is currently splitting their Learning Technologies stands into two:
1. BuildEmpire: Software Consultancy
BuildEmpire specializes in customizing eLearning programs (frequently using Totara), creating bespoke web applications, and incorporating eLearning technologies. They have worked on enterprise-sized projects, from corporate businesses to universities, frequently with a range of customers. BuildEmpire will construct and advise you on what from gamification and User Experience through to infrastructure and your software architecture. What sets them apart is reliability and their experience. They construct scalable bespoke, and powerful solutions.
2. You can visit their stand to get a demo, if you’re considering changing authoring tools. brings the editing power of traditional authoring tools into the contemporary, cloud-based world. permits you to make mobile-first, lively content, easily and economically within your team. exports to SCORM, also for all those Totara and Moodle users on the market, integrates with Moodle and Totara platforms right. For more information and to get a free trial you can visit online.
Those of you considering updating and improving the learning technologies you’re currently using, speak and go to them at their stand E62.
360Learning is a collaborative learning platform trusted by 1,200 customers including Criteo, and LVMH, AXA, SNCF. Founded in 2013, 360Learning now employs 160 staff members across offices in Paris, London, and New York and has increased $45 million.
Workforces leverage their learning platform to create, boat, and improve classes. Trainers and leadership to use their advanced analytics to join the dots between impact and learning, identifying which ones need work and which classes work. By rewarding the 5% of employees who stand out as champions, enabling, and discovering, businesses are transformed by 360Learning.
Are you one of those businesses that transformation? You can find them.
Reserve a calendar meeting.
What To Consider Before Selecting The Ideal eLearning Solution
You would like to select an excellent content supplier for your training classes or if you are trying to upgrade your LMS or authoring-tool solution, there are several things you want to consider.
What do you want to achieve with the service or this tool?
You want to know the business experience and each seller’s track record.
Is the service or their product effective? Be sure to read reviews about the quality of delivery and communicating.
Is it value for money?
Ask content samples.
Give it a shot if these sellers offer a presentation or a trial.
Want to learn more information about eLearning outsourcing’s advantages? Explore the companies right away!


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