Upskill and Reskill Your Workforce with Adaptive Learning


Webinars – March 11, 2020

As technology evolves and the speed of company speeds up, companies
Are currently scrambling to think of the right solution to upskill and skill
Their workers at scale.

Employees need personalized content tailored to their
Needs and career route.
Teams tend to be tied down with a weary tech stack and an even longer
Challenging change management process.
Enter Adaptive Learning. Combine Matthew Brown, Vice President of Learning and Brand Success at school, as he:
Shares the skills gap can close through
Adaptive learning adventures and a performance lifecycle.
Demystifies and defines adaptive learning in the context of intelligence
Demonstrates how learning programs benefit L&D, HR, and workers
Provides proven advice on how to evolve your learning program to be adaptive
Reveals also a contemporary performance lifecycle and learning Have to Be connected for your program to truly be adaptive
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