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eLearning is enormous. “Gamification” has 10 times as many Google queries as “microlearning,” another growing eLearning trend. MemoZing pairs these theories in a platform designed to engage students, improve learning and construct long-term retention. It does this by leaving the “matches” from gamification and rather focusing on what works: Motivating learners. Choose substance over style. All too often, when eLearning designers think about ratifying training, they focus on the brassy interactions, the clever puzzles, or the remarkable images. However, unless these efforts are tied in meaningfully together with all the training content, they’re wasted. Research shows that adult students are not motivated by meaningless stars and badges or awards only for showing up and finishing the training. “They want a learning outcome that may be put to use instantly, in real, practical, and self-benefiting terms,” one researcher wrote in a report given in an instructional technician conference. Adult students also want: Control over their learning experience comprehension of the way the training is important training content that is relevant rather than redundant mechanics of inspiring learners acting motivation ignites intrinsic motivators; flashy games have a tendency to focus more on extrinsic motivators. What’s the difference? An extrinsic motivator has to do with matters which are away from the learner — things such as rewards and punishments, compliments or criticism, what others think of them. An intrinsic motivator, on the other hand, is located from the student’s values and aims. These motivators might revolve around improving oneself, raising knowledge or command, needing to be challenged, or donating something of value to one’s team or community. Successful use of game (and non-game) mechanics elicits intrinsic motivation. Motivation within eLearning contextApplying game mechanics effectively in an eLearning context requires sorting out the allure intrinsic motivators and focusing on people. Here is some help: MemoZing Merges Microlearning with Powerful GamificationRequiring all students to finish the same content is your approach. No two students begin training with background knowledge and exactly the experience. No two students have exactly the knowledge gaps. And no two students have the same mastery needs. MemoZing motivates learners by: bettering students’ desire to increase their command — MemoZing uses command degrees –, and badges — to mark progress, not just completion. Providing autonomy — Every learner sets mastery goals and moves one of MemoZing’s five degrees, Novice via Expert, based on how well they know the content. Delivering the ideal content — MemoZing’s adaptive learning algorithm considers each student’s performance and their confidence in their responses to identify knowledge gaps and deliver the content that will remove those gaps. Holding students accountable — Rather than creating competition among students, MemoZing lets students gauge their own progress toward goals they’ve set. Seeing where they’re advancing and where they still have openings plays into intrinsic motivation to enhance and learn. Making learning protected — Rather than punishment — missing points, neglecting quiz scores — such as errors, MemoZing makes it secure for students to experiment. They get immediate feedback if their response was appropriate or not. They know from the feedback and attempt again. Stop playing games. Our new whitepaper, Gamifying Microlearning… Without the Games, it investigates what inspires and engages adult students. It also shows how MemoZingn Agile Is microlearning pairs effective game (and non-game) mechanics with constant, adaptive microlearning. Now, download it or speak with a professional about an MemoZing Agile Microlearning solution for the students.


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