Who needs a phone?


Who needs a phone?
In 1877, the inventor of the phone, Alexander Graham Bell, had an issue. When he showed his invention to individuals, they said, “Why do we need the phone? We’ve already got a telegraph for receiving and sending messages.”
How can Bel sell individuals the concept of a phone? Could not they see this?
One day, he had an idea. He requested a hotel owner to set a phone in one of their guest rooms. The kitchen could now be called by guests to purchase meals. After that, guests began asking, “Can I call my property? How about my office? Can I call my friends?” A new age of communication had arrived.
Things are different today. Are they?
At the office, we use PowerBI, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Slack, along with other applications and tools. All of these allow the freedom and opportunity to discover answers and solutions faster while performing work to us.
Why, then, does it seem that L&D is stuck in the past, creating vast amounts of educational articles? Why is it that although some businesses and VR and AR are embracing, they approach these tools for memorization and instruction, rather than adapting to learning in the workflow?

Our tools may be new, but our thinking principles and principles are out of measure. We’re using a phone to send telegraph messages!
Pick up the phone!
Clark Quinn (2018) debunked many of our misconceptions and myths about instruction. But just ADDIE persists because it is familiar and known.
And at the same time, ADDIE could be faster, and we could do it. So, how can we do so?
Align ADDIE in the flow of work to the employee’s needs
Create systems that allow learning to take place
Then and now
Worker’s processes are aligned with ADDIE’S activities. While performing work, workers have taken up ADDIE. The table below illustrates that point.


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