Why Content Curation Is Important In This Microlearning Era


Content creation has always been significant for its Learning and Development (L&D) sector, and it is especially relevant now in the modern microlearning era. Let’s begin with what content creation really is in order to see the facts in the above statement. Content duration is defined by the world-known industry analyst Josh Bersin (founder of Bersin From Deloitte), as the identification of the most relevant information for a particular group of a target audience that is contextualized and coordinated before it is presented to them.
Steps To Curate Content Efficiently
Successful content creation demands that L&D professionals follow these steps:
Aggregation of data from multiple sources
Filtering aggregated content to handpick the most relevant information for learners
Chunking the content to give a logical structure to it and make it more easy to comprehend
Simplifying the content to make it easier to understand while incorporating articles that are explanatory
Sharing resources in the articles for People Who want knowledge
Creating a record at which the content is stored and can be accessed readily by students (preferably through a smartphone)
Making it easier to share feedback for students
Now that we have understood the steps to successful content creation, let us have a look at 3 hints on how corporate businesses can use content creation in their microlearning strategy.
Utilizing Content Curation In Microlearning
1. Let Learners Take The Wheel
Give your students the freedom. Introduce a score system where students can rank microlearning modules based on relevance, and create different filters based on factors like top-rated, relevance, duration posted, subject, job role, department, and the like. Create a neighborhood on social media where students can discuss thoughts and what they would like to learn. Additionally, encourage them to create classes based on shared interests in learning.
2. Design Your Learning Portal Effectively
Content creation should be utilized by a&D professionals whilst designing their company’s learning portal. Make sure that it doesn’t require the student more than two clicks to get to another from any page in the portal site. Insert a resources section that has links to the resources mentioned in modules. Make sure that you use content that is minimal from the learning portal site, but explain approaches to use the learning portal site in an effective manner utilizing text that is crisp. Your learning portal should be designed just as it sounds–a “learning portal” –which directs learners to not just other modules at the portal site (internal links) but to external sources (external links) as well.
3. Maintain Curating Content
Curation doesn’t finish once there is a module that is microlearning created and posted on the learning portal. L&D professionals that wish for their program to be a victory need to curate the content of modules that are past as well, as trends change and data that were applicable in the past may not be relevant now. It’s for this reason that curating and updating content is necessary if you’d like your students to maintain skills and their knowledge fresh. To accomplish that, L&D professionals must keep themselves updated on changing business requirements and/or training requirements, while always being on the lookout for ways to offer students valuable and engaging content.
The hints will assist learning designers as well as other L&D professionals use content creation in their microlearning program and make workers more productive with the zeal to learn. Facilitating learning is not simple. Digital learning must understand that there are quite a few abilities that they have to inculcate to create student’s Development and Learning. But if you put yourself out there and become a lifelong student yourself, there is no dearth while being counted as a pioneer, of the amazing changes you’re able to bring to this industry.

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