Why You Need An Instructional Design Portfolio And How To Produce One


As a freelance eLearning programmer, for me, having an Instructional Design portfolio is essential. Here are if you are thinking about creating your Instructional Design portfolio.
Let’s start with why…
Starting setting up and maintaining a portfolio requires a great deal of work and commitment, but there are many reasons.
They are flexible–you can make adjustments as and when you prefer.

They enable you to increase your visibility and presence.
They allow you to showcase your creativeness and provide proof of your abilities, goals, aspirations, skills, accomplishments, and thoughts.

I saw it as a chance to document my capacity to collect, organize, interpret, and reflect when I decided to develop and start my ePortfolio six years ago. It shortly became a location that celebrate and I went to reinforce the consolidation of my understanding!
Having somewhere to display my job, seek feedback, and find out from other people has been valuable. I didn’t make it to where I am in my profession as a freelance eLearning programmer on my own thank you to my crowd of like-minded professionals, some of whom I record here.
As time went by, my ePortfolio turned into a location celebrate and to reinforce the consolidation of my knowledge and to showcase my skills, abilities, and accomplishments. I consider my ePortfolio rather than merely a collection of artifacts that represent who I am and where I am within the evidence of my value in the office, but also my career –so my audience includes industry professionals and clients.

And -The How

I developed my ePortfolio with WordPress. There are a number of lessons I’ve discovered along the way, but I would not say that I am a WordPress expert by any stretch of the imagination. There are different tools you can utilize to develop a digital portfolio, but it made sense for me to stick with WordPress once I’d started down this path.
A huge consideration for me with all the design of my ePortfolio was that it had to be appealing. I remember spending a ridiculous quantity of time looking at layouts and trialing WordPress topics. My website went through a couple of design overhauls early on, but I eventually settled on the “Sketch” theme.

As far as displaying portfolio items in an organized manner which was 20, this theme worked well for me. There are numerous portfolio WordPress topics that may work and in addition, there are.
Back I didn’t understand anything about the WordPress plugins I might have been using to display my design work. I work mostly with Articulate Storyline and initially I saved my printed documents in Dropboxback when there was a “public” Dropbox folder. This all came crashing down when Dropbox decided to scrap this public folder. I moved to utilize Amazon S3, and following the first steep learning curve involved in this technology and procedure that was new, I spent countless hours transferring my files to the location. Even though I refined the procedure I used to upload documents, create them public, create a connection, and add this URL to a picture on a job page in my ePortfolio, this is a very time-consuming procedure.
I found another WordPress website. For this website, because I needed eCommerce and subscription components, I chose to go with wordpress.org and SiteGround for hosting, and therefore entered the wonderful world of WordPress plugins. This was not quite so easy to set up and have it seem like my ePortfolio, but I believe I’ve achieved near the appearance I set out to achieve.

For products that are Articulate, this plugin was at the time –therefore it was ideal for my needs. I can not tell you how much easier it was to display interactive versions of my Articulate Storyline files with this plugin. Well, really, I can–it’s been super easy!

Does This Plugin Work?

I no longer need to battle with storing documents everywhere. Once I’ve printed and zipped the printed files, I upload the zipped files directly onto a WordPress page with this plugin, and the zipped files are stored in my web host server. If I need to I can get these files that are zipped through my SiteGround cPanel, but pretty much everything that must happen can be done from WordPress.

I choose to show the content in my pages within an iFrame, this way anyone can see each design on the page they’re visiting without having to click anything. There are different options here, for example “lightbox” and launching the content in a new window, all of which I did research before deciding on the iFrame option. Just like everything, there are a number of settings to be aware of, such as making sure I place the Storyline player to “Scale player to fill the browser window” prior to printing. In general, this plugin has been the best find ever! I particularly enjoy the way the iFrame option seamlessly displays the layouts, without leaving the page, showcasing the nature. The good thing is that this plugin is compatible with a wide range of eLearning authoring tools that open up possibilities for a far wider audience.

Since seeing how well it works for the Storyline Templates website and finding this plugin, I’ve decided to revisit my other WordPress sites and use this plugin on them as well. I’ve done this in my The Knowledge Project website that currently has a Portfolio page with a small selection of my job. But, it’s likely to take time for me to finish this retrospectively in my website, that’s the downside of not having discovered.

1 thing to be aware of is that if you are using wordpress.com, you will need to upgrade to the “Business Plan” to use plugins. But, I think this excess cost is worth it to a portfolio website that is digital the myriad of WordPress plugins can bring for the value.
Thus, if you are just starting with contemplating updating a present portfolio or creating a digital portfolio to display your eLearning layouts, I hope you’ve found this article helpful.


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