Will Curriculum Analytics and Learning Analytics merge together?


Curriculum Analytics unite with Learning Analytics?
A very simple answer is yes.

In the same context then Curriculum Analytics might be described as “the measurement, collection, reporting, and analysis of data about the program and the context, for purposes of understanding and simplifying learning and the environments in which it happens.”
We may want to consider how a program is defined by us, but if you think of studying analytics as one side of studying, then program analytics is the other.
Understanding that data may tell us a story about a learner, then without the data on the program side, means that the whole image is not apparent. Not that info will likely to supply the whole picture.
If we think of the program as the style of the program, the subjects covered and how the learning is delivered.
Trying to figure out what this looks like from a data perspective is challenging.
Take something as straightforward as the lecture, that should be simple to define? Nicely…
How long can be a lecture? How many people are in this lecture? Where’s the lecture? What time is your lecture? Where does this lecture fit to the day, the week, the session? Can it be in the first year of the degree program or later in the program?
We call several matters a lecture, but for some people it’s going to be a monologue, for a few it will entail moving through equations and proofs on a streak of blackboard and for others it will not be just speaking, but will include interactivity and involvement with the students. We know lectures vary across areas too.
Image by StockSnap out of PixabaySo when we find it hard to define what initially looks is a “simple” lecture then you may start to understand the challenges of defining the program overall, such as tutorials, seminars, group work, labs, field work, and so on…
Throw in digital as well is a webinar a lecture, what about lecture catch in all that well.
Then could we incorporate? Can we define casual learning?
Thus, will Curriculum Analytics unite with Learning Analytics?
The simple answer is yes, however, it is not as simple as it may initially seem.


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